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Maybe you're constipated. Take an over-the-counter enema or eat a large quantity of something you're fond of, like spaghetti. No more headache once you eliminate.

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Bryson Armstrong

this sounds like something my mom would say. ,'If you're sick in any way, shape or form, take a dump and it will be alright.' It's true and it helps.




OMG thats so retarted if you go take a crap your headace will go away you know if you have a headache it doesnt mean your constipated people have head aches for different reasons god your so retarted


retarted? what kind of moron can't spell retarded?

Sure, constipation isn't likely to be a problem you don't know about, but at least this suggestion will let someone who is dealing with both problems know that they might be related.


umm hes just trying to help obviously youve never had a migraine or you would know that youre willing to do just about anything to get rid of it and is this what you do for a living go onto sites where people r trying to help you and then make nasty comments


Worked for me. Sometimes, especially if you're taking an iron supplement or some other kind of medication,or not eating properly, you might not even realize you're constipated, so this works, it's always worth a shot to get a stool softener and see if it'll help. Back up of toxins like that can give you all sorts of problems! Thanks for the tips :)

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