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i think that one of the best things to do about pimples and blackheads alike is to first if they are ready instead of using your nails to pop them is your finger tips especially in the bridgeof the nose and lip or eyebrow or side of the ears but i wouldnt recomend poping them if they are hard to get. after you get what you can wash your face towel dry then throw some toothpaste (preferably white or clear) on the worst places,let dry then wash off.the bakeing powder they put in toothpaste will dry the pores out if theres irritation use an oilfree facial moisturizer the toothpaste will make the pimples and black heads go away and make you feel refreshed and smells good. hope it works for you. i tried it and i rarely have pimples or blackheads anymore.

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popping them is the absolute wost thing to do. You could try scrubbing them off though.


poping was nat good it effect the skin and also help to increase blackheads and pimpels and this was the page of removing blackheads.


yea!! popping it will increases many more pimples and the pimples makes a pores and a pores makes a blackheads .. and other says popping pimples may cause a death .. my friend is popping with his pimples and the pimples popping it turns into a big hole pimple and he died with that disease of him


Considering you wash off the bacteria from using the toothpaste and then washing it off it isn't bad. I have just tried it and all my blackheads have gone. Thank you


ouch!! is it supposed to burn???? im using crest with whitening stuff in it but maybe its just that. my face really burns!! i hope this works!!

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