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Helen S

First, I'd like to state that everyone is different so something that works amazingly well for me might not work so well for my husband. It might not work at all for Mom and it might work better for Dad than it did for me.

So around May 15th, I developed an abscess. I started by taking naproxen (an over the counter anti inflammatory) and holding compresses on my face as hot as I could stand. The first 2 days it helped but the pain never went completely away. The pain became so terrible that I was screaming and crying in pain. (I've had 10 abdominal surgeries at age 28 so I have a high tolerance for pain mind you) I went to the dentist who gave me keflex (an antibiotic) and tylenol 3 (a milder narcotic pain reliever). No luck. The next morning, I woke up to my cheek being almost the size of a baseball. I went to work and ended up leaving early to go to the er. The dr put a needle in to numb and put a small drainage slit in the abscess. (which, by the way, most er's won't do because without the proper tools, 2 doctors and a slew of nurses said can be very dangerous) He then gave me a shot in my butt for pain and zophran (anti nausea) pill. I was sent home with vicodin for pain. That night, I googled home remedies and ended up here. (wish I had done that sooner since what I had now was working)

However, my dentist can't get me in to pull the tooth until June 25th. On June 3rd, it started again. I toggled between aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, & tylenol. Nothing helped. So I came back on here to browse again. The tea bag works wonders! It definitely brought the nasty stuff into the tea bag. You can taste it! And it took a lot of the pain away. Unfortunately, 2 days later, when I thought it was gone, I woke up, grabbed tea bags because it was sore, and off to work. I left halfway through my shift and went to my dentist's office. He was in a procedure and couldn't see me but called in amoxicillin and vicodin. No help. This morning, I had to call off work because I was in a world of pain, throwing up, and my face is swollen to about the size of a golf ball. The dentist says to give the antibiotic a couple of days to kick in (what an idiot). By noon, I was headed to the er. They refused to do what the previous dr had 'because it's very dangerous without the proper tools'. However, they did give me percocet 10 mg (which I have been biting in half because I took a whole one first and it knocked me on my rear lol) and zophran. 9 hours later, I still feel pressure because the swelling remains. I'm not throwing up any more and I'm mostly pain free until the meds start wearing off.

I tried the crushed ibuprofen, letting aspirin dissolve on the side of the abscess, oragel sent shocking pain through my jaw and into my ear. This time, 2 parts water 1 part peroxide bubbles up and you can feel it but it doesn't take the pain or swelling away. Last time, it gave me the same shocking pain as oragel with some extra pain and throbbing so I feel like using that is at your own risk but I was desperate. Tomorrow, I'm going to try puncturing it and having the cottonballs and peroxide ready. I'll let you know how it works out for me.

Well, I hope this helps someone! Thank you to everyone who took the time to post their experiences whether they worked for me or not!!

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Gargle warm salt water and 4 advil same as 800
Mil ibprophen and warm compress with wash cloth but get absess tooth pulled or will come back




I'm a dentist, and what I'm reading on this site confirms why people die each
year from septic shock...

First, don't put aspirin on soft tissue.
That's your cheek, gum, etc... that will
inflame the tissue helping the infection
to spread...

Second, draining an abscess without removing the source... if a E.R doctor
really did this, he should be removed.

What happens when you 'pop' that abscess is you give the infection
exactly what it needs to grow.

Yes, for a few you will feel better.
It might even feel like it went away,
however all you did was put your life
in serious risk, and allowed the infection to grow longer, and stronger.

Antibiotics take at-least 48 hours to effect the site, and some people respond well to one kind, not anther..

This is why you need to be in a dentist office. Garlic, Clove oil, salt water are patches to a very large and dangerous problem..

And to close, each year around 300,000 people DIE from infections... a lot of the time its from exactly what you just posted.

Get to your dentist office, get some money saved, do it right.. or pay a much
bigger price.



My husband was in the bathroom heating a nail about to pop the abcess and everything in my head said this was really dumb...
came on this website

My husband will be seeing the dentist in the morning.




Take out a loan, sell your children, perform favors on the corner, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to get me my money, erm...... i mean, get the tooth pulled. yea... thats it

The above is what i see everytime i read your posts, aspendental.

Retired RN

I see no further comments from this person and I pray to God that she is still alive. The dentists that gave advice should remember this person did see a dentst and was trying to see him/her again. What reputable dentist lets a patient with this history wait 20 days for an appontment? What kind of an ER makes the judgement calls that his one made? I guess I am glad I a a retired RN if medicine has slipped this far back! Oh yeh, the docs still protect each other though!!!

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