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Ok so when u are in dier need of relief and u have no pain pills that will do a d@m and missing quit a few of the home remedy recipes..... this works with nothing at all!! Now i just hope u have one if not ask a friend or a friend of a friend. now i keep one on hand for this purpose entirely. ok so everyone knows that tooth pain is the worst brain shattering pain imaginable! Now the things i am about to mention sound crazy but i do this over any pill or recipe concocted from the kitchen. ok #1 you know those hand held massagers?.... yes turn that baby on and put it to your face where the pain is NO JOKE INTANT RELIEF! and honestly ANYTHING that vibrates will do the trick but the stronger the buzzing the better it will work. do this till u feel better i wouldn't go longer than 15-20 mins but 5 or 10 should do. you will be out of pain!!! Repeat as needed lol u can't over dose but if held for long u can irritate your nerve. so do give breaks so ur nerve can revitalize itself. and sleep with ur head propped u should be fine ALL NIGHT. Now #2 if u don't have anything that vibrates then turn to this crazy method (trust me if u are in excruciating abscess pain.... u will) ok remember when u were little and u thought it was fun to roll really really fast side to side? U know that super cool woosh 'high' feeling u would get?.... hope this makes sense well find a spot on the floor or comfy in ur bed AND START WOOSHING! it feels amaizing for about 10-20 mins i have no idea why but it works i have had a friend do it that had an abscess amd she of course was desperate to get out of pain so she went to her room 'wooshed' on her bed for a while and came back with all smiles.

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Abscessed Tooth 101.

Rules of the game.
2. garlic,
3. clove oil,
4. Advil,
5. keep hydrated,
6. don't use heat,
7. keep your mouth very very clean,

So after going from page to page, and seeing some honestly scary advice, people taking steak knifes, and tooth picks, needles to a pus filled infection is honestly the worst thing you can do.


When you rupture the inflamed soft tissue, the pus is released and you will feel better. However you have given the infection everything it needs to go from a dangerous infection to a deadly infection.

Over 300,000 people a year die from doing dumb stuff like this... it's not rare, and one of the major things we see in the e.r.

If you're in a bathroom trying to 'sanitize' stuff to poke a hole you are so far off its not even funny.

Please, again, listen... do not puncture it at home, you are not smart enough to defeat 3 million years of evolution, the infection is going to win.

How to reduce pain until you can have the tooth extracted or a root canal done.

The infection wants heat, oxygen, minerals.. It's all about layers.

First take Advil, NOT Aspirin, or Tylenol. We want to reduce inflammation not increase blood flow. This is the first mistake a lot of people make.

Second, use a cold press, NOT a hot press. Again people will feel more pain lose using heat, but whats happening is your expanding the tissue allowing the infection to move to new areas. You want to contain it and fight it head on.

Be smart, not stupid.

Now, if you have an abscess you need antibiotics asap. Amox, Chem, etc, sometimes it takes one kind, not anther, and will take anywhere from 48-96 hours to effect giving how hydrated and healthy you are..

After you get your antibiotics, you can start the home remedies...

You now have two options, home style or pharmacutial.

Home style..
Minced garlic in oil, big plop of it on the gum, 10 minutes... you will be a happy camper, don't use garlic you need to cut.. it will take far to long to release the various chemicals mother nature put in garlic to help inflammation...

Rx style,
Diphenhydramine HCI 25, this is benadrly..
chrush it, add water, make a soft paste.
Rub on gum... enjoy a night of sleep, maybe two.

At this point, you have

Advil, antibiotics, garlic on the soft tissue.

Still in pain?

Don't lay down, keep your head elevated and move onto black tea. Black tea, right out of the pack, some water, press it against the cheek and abscess area and watch a tv show.

At this point the pain should be dull enough you can sleep, or at-least function. Try to man/girl up and don't bother the ER unless you are shaking in tears...

Last, Get to the dentist. No money is not an excuses, nether is being afraid of that chair.

You need the tooth extracted.

Simple extraction with forceps: $183

Surgical extraction of erupted tooth
requiring elevation of flap and removal of tooth or bone: $300

impacted tooth – soft tissue: $341

partially bony impacted tooth: $423

completely bony impacted tooth: $522

removal of residual roots: $330

Each year people let these infections run a course and people die, they get dispirited and pop the abscess, they do anything they can except pay a dentist.

These people die at an alarming rate.

Sell a car, get a second job, third job, pawn a tv, borrow money, take out a loan, once the abscess is formed you have only a time frame of a week or two before it begins to get serious it can impact your life in the long term.

Be safe, toughen up, and use your head.


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