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Queeze 4 lemons add some sugar to sweeten the juice, then drink it (as it is, do not add water). The acid of the juice will kill all bacteria, works in less then 30 min!
I had food poisoning for 2 days with 41°C fever,.. then the juice fixed me in 30 minutes! It was my mum's advise!

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I would drink lemon in water - not undiluted, straight lemon juice.


This WORKED! NO SUGAR......just DO IT.

You'll feel much better. Great advice!


I didnt believe it but i took the lemon with a little honey and it worked right away. Thank God because i was so sick i couldnt stand.


This totally worked. I took it as soon as I started getting sick. I also only had lemon juice...


It could of been disastrous, but it wasn’t. Thanks it really worked. I ordered some Chinese foood to be delivered. Myn was the only one with shrimp. About 45 minutes it felt like I just socked in the stomach by a professional wrestler. Owe. My husband said no way was it that fast. I looked up how long the symptoms from food poisoning from shrimp was. He was wrong it can show up that fast. This came up when I googled it, I knew I was going to be puking and pooping soon and thought what the heck. I happened to have a bag of lemons which is rare. So I went for it. It actually tasted pretty good. I payed on my back most of the night refusing to move. Besides pooping soft a few times, stomach still a bit sore and a slight headache I’m pretty darn good. As hard as that first cramp was I knew I was going to have a hard night. I’m glad it wasn’t.

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