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Queeze 4 lemons add some sugar to sweeten the juice, then drink it (as it is, do not add water). The acid of the juice will kill all bacteria, works in less then 30 min!
I had food poisoning for 2 days with 41°C fever,.. then the juice fixed me in 30 minutes! It was my mum's advise!

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Lynn. T

It works!!!! I had bad shrimp last night from a restaurant and had cramping, nausea and chills. Within 40mins I felt normal again and was able to go right to sleep since I had been up in pain all night. Whoever wrote the post I am eternally grateful!!


juice from 4 lemons work GREAT !!!
I got shrimp poisoning and my face was swollen worse than a pig face with red itchy lumps all over the face. I logged on line, found this website and the advice, I immediately squeezed 4 lemons, no sugar, drank all the juice, and wow, after 10 minutes the itchy lumps down to 5%, now my face still red but lumps have subsided.
MANY thanks, oh btw, I took 1500 mg Vit C before I drank the juice.




The acid was way too hard my bad belly. I vomited within 2 minutes!


I ate really bad shrimp last night and found this site to try to ward off food poisoning. I didn't have lemons so I drank about 3/4-1cup of concentrated lemon juice with some sugar. I never got sick when I knew I should have! This worked fabulously! Thanks!


I gave it to my daughter that had food poisoning from shrimp.. It Works !! THANKS !!!


My sister ate a shrimp & as she swallowed it, realized it had spoiled. Hours later her stomach began to cramp & bloat & that dreaded feeling of vomit followed. She knew that one shrimp was coming back to haunt her. So we searched natural remedies for food poisoning & came across this. With no lemons in the house she chugged the remaining lemon juice in the bottle. That was about 3 hours ago and she seems to be sleeping peacefully. Great natural remedy!!!


It WORKS to relief the nausea and stomach cramps. Ate bad food for lunch yesterday. I took a suppository, pepto, ex-lax and some R20 indigestion pill. None of those seem to work. After tossing and turning all night, I turned back to search for nature's remedy. I was a bit concerned since the lemon juice was acidic, but once metabolizes in your body it turns alkyl. Great remedy, who would have thought.


Thursday night I had shrimp in Alfredo sauce with pasta. Friday morning woke up with pain and cramping and diarrhea. Its not like the common diarrhea its mucus and its Saturday with no relief. No vomiting is this food poisoning or a virus


This is about the dumbest thing I have read. You know your stomach produces Hydrochloric acid? Citric acid in lemons is orders of magnitudes weaker than your stomach acid.

It's called letting your immune system do it's job. That's what works; or the hospital if it's really severe.

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