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Queeze 4 lemons add some sugar to sweeten the juice, then drink it (as it is, do not add water). The acid of the juice will kill all bacteria, works in less then 30 min!
I had food poisoning for 2 days with 41°C fever,.. then the juice fixed me in 30 minutes! It was my mum's advise!

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Just tried this after being sick all day after eating a questionable prawn in a seafood paella last night... I had the juice of two lemons with about half a spoon of sugar and now it's about half an hour later and I have no nausea at all. In fact I'm starving! To the person that posted this: I now love you forever.


Seems to have worked ion my 11-yearlong son. He is finally getting some sleep after two hours of discomfort and vomiting and nausea at 3am.. Sipped straight lemon juice with stevia sweetener which seems to have given him relief. Going to always have fresh lemons at home from now on!


thank you i was in a lot of pain . drank it within a few minutes started to feel better.just wait to go back to bed . no pain just stomach a little turning.but i feel so much better . thanks i would do it again

hitesh gohil

it is a gr8 remedy . my motion stop within 15 mins n back to normal.......thanku so much.............


Tried this it didn't work and she said puking up lemon juice was the worst experience ever


Just tried this 5 minutes ago. Almost immediately, lemon and bile start shooting out of every orifice. Trust your gut here--this can be the worst option.


Read some comments here about Apple cider vinegar. I didn't have any lemons on hand. Got sick as a dog within an hour, my roommate's ham is the main suspect (or lemon juice that may have set out too long) . Now I just took 2 Tbs of ACV straight up.... Within 3 minutes I was vomiting. Not good, but I do feel better (but we all know I may get sick again...). So I would not recommend the ACV personally, though I do drink it diluted in water all the time to aid weight loss. But in this case it sent me over the top. I also tried it before diluted in warm water and honey ... Didn't help, may be just for a couple minutes.


My wife and I eat some fresco cheese brought from Guatemala- big mistake ! never again We will eat it, the bacteria in that cheese is something we will always remember ! the lime juice did not entirely cured us but it sure was a big relief.. it got rid of the horrible cramps and nausea. I recomend the lemon juice and lots of pedyalite. Tnk you for this remedy.


Worked for my daughter like a charm...suspect hamburger food poisoning. Keeping lemon juice and lemons on hand!


Thank you so much. I'm an extremely active teenage boy, and I paid the price for eating a taco del mar fish burrito about 5 hours ago. After 30 minutes, I'm completely fine.

I boiled the first lemon in water, which helped keep me hydrated. Half a typical spoon of sugar per lemon didn't hurt at all, though I enjoyed the taste anyway. I'll probably drink some again tomorrow morning to make sure I'm completely cured.

Thanks again!

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