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Queeze 4 lemons add some sugar to sweeten the juice, then drink it (as it is, do not add water). The acid of the juice will kill all bacteria, works in less then 30 min!
I had food poisoning for 2 days with 41°C fever,.. then the juice fixed me in 30 minutes! It was my mum's advise!

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Galiana Shapovalova

I am trying this now,hopefully it will work!!!


I've been throwing up and have diareaha for the past 15 hours. I literally haven't eating anything for the day bc everything comes right back up. Ugh.

My mom is on her way home.Just called her and told her to pick me up some lemons. Can't wait to try this. I feel so lifeless...

Galiana Shapovalova

Forgot to get back to this,but LEMONS helped!!!! AMAZING !!!


Didn't work one bit and I certainly wish it had.


This is an amazing remedy! My 6 yrs old son was up at 3:00am vomiting and aching. luckily I found this web site. It helped him in less than 10 minutes, even though I used half fresh squeezed lemon mixed with 1/2tsp Organic brown sugar. Thanks a bunch. Now he's sleeping like a baby

College Girl

A little soon to tell but I am drinking this (a tad diluted with water) right now. So hard to swallow but I'm pretending its War Head candy! I already feel a little bit better and I hope that continues. I have a huge test tomorrow that I can't miss. Thanks in advance!


I've had severe food poisoning going on 48hrs now. I've had 2 liters of iv fluids and iv ondansatron to stop the nausea and it's hardly helped. I just drank the lemon juice and just a quick tip for anyone trying this... If you have a straw to drink it through, it'll be a million times easier to get down and a lot less harsh on the teeth. Here's hoping it works now! Thank you so much for the tip!


didnt have any lemons but i had a lime squeeze...will check back and let you know if it works just in case somebody else only has limes


Thank!! Used lemon juice for my husband who was suffering with food poisoning after eating bad cottage cheese and he said he is feeling a little better and it's only been 5 min. It works!!!!!!


Wonder full home treatment suggested, i was in bed from past two days boiling with fever , cramping & motions, frustrated surfed net and found out this and it has worked for me as a specialized doctor

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