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Queeze 4 lemons add some sugar to sweeten the juice, then drink it (as it is, do not add water). The acid of the juice will kill all bacteria, works in less then 30 min!
I had food poisoning for 2 days with 41°C fever,.. then the juice fixed me in 30 minutes! It was my mum's advise!

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It did help...however, the acid from the lemon juice KILLED. I had already thrown up 2x and by then my system was too sensitive. Ended up taking Pepcid Complete as I was miserable!


This does seem to work its been about 3hrs now with no cramping.Am now drinking lemon squash instead of water as well with no added sugar to hopefully keep symptoms at bay



I tried the ACV and am amazed! It took a little more for me and on more than one occasion, but it fixed me up great. It even caused my nausea to go away within 5 mins.

I can't believe I haven't heard of this before!

Lisa in Austin Tx

This is an amazing remedy! I am a nurse, and the last thing i would have thought to use for upset stomach/food poising is lemon juice! We did not have fresh lemons so we used 1/2 cup prepared juice and we were better in 15 to 30 minutes. WOW!!!!


This was a huge help! I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant, and after telephoning the local hospital at 3.00am (and was told just drink water), I couldn't bear the sharp pains and having to sit upright when I was so exhausted. Squeezed 4 lemons and drank it. The first 5 minutes was not exactly comfortable as the juice went to work, but after only 8 minutes there was a noticeable difference as the pain started to ease. After 30 minutes I could actually go to bed, and yahoo I slept! The next day kept up the juice with lots of rest/sleep (I have a 16 month old, thank God my Mum came to help!) and by 6.00pm, I was 100\\% again. Thank you, I prefer natural remedies, this one is a beauty.


This remedy worked wonderfully and very quickly for my son who had been throwing up all day and couldn't keep anything down. After trying regular meds which didn't work we tried this remedy and he felt better within about 15 minutes of drinking it.

priya, sydney

oh thnk u.. my husband was feeling so worst 10 min ago........ n after this.. he is feeling better.... its a MAGIC !!!!!!!!!

Mark - Texas

Even easier if you like pickles, just drink pickle juice (vinegar(acid)/salt)(2 tbs, every 20 min until stomach settles)works great also, plus no mixing.


I'm recommending this for my coworker 'Mark.' He has been vomiting bad turkey for 7 days now. I hope it works!


I can't believe it, this actually works!!!! My husband was cramped over in pain from food poisoning and this remedy worked in less than 10 minutes to start to provide relief.

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