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I have had extreme RLS for over 35 years and tried many many remedies, from natural to pharmaceutical cures. The one that has worked best and like a miracle to me, I discovered a few months ago. It was to apply magnesium oil or magnesium gel directly to my legs and leave on for at least 20 minutes. I had tried magnesium supplements before and epsom salt baths but they never helped, the trick was to apply the oil or gel topically, directly to my legs. I found immediate relief from the itching and electrical like symptoms that constantly plagued me and ruined my sleep. Magnesium oil can be diluted with water if discomforting. The first month I found I would need to apply about 5 times a day, whenever symptoms started. Now I do about once a day as I guess the magnesium slowly builds up in my system. I carry a bottle of the oil diluted with water as a spray for airplane travel since I found that cramped seating tended to intensify my RLS symptoms during the day. I have had an extreme improvement, about 90 percent better and I think as I use this remedy longer, the symptoms will completely disappear. Since finding this, I have been doing a lot of research on magnesium and it makes sense to me why RLS has become such a common complaint now.

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I am a chronic r.l.s. sufferer and have just cold turkey taken myself off of mirapex. It has been about 3 weeks now and I have been trying everythings on this blog. I found yours and got the magnesium spray yesterday. I applied 2xs and drank tonic water and then did an epsom salt bath last night. I dont know which one of these worked or the combination, but I was about at my wits end and got some sleep last night my legs have not acted up since the bath. I am so grateful you had posted this information. Thank you!

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