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....woke up with the worst fever blister ever had!! .....used Abreva on it for two days..did nothing...then tried Tea Tree Oil...didn't seem to work...then third day today...tried the bleach treatment...wasn't going then I mixed a paste of a little bit of rubbing alcohol and 7 aspirin...made a paste, put it on it...immediately started feeling better...swelling is down...dried it up, not even crusty...the paste will dry and come off...but, leave enough on to still work...looking like it's gone away 10 fold from early this morning...AMAZINGGG!!!...we'll see what tomorrow holds!!... :)

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I have fb on my lip , if I use this idea will it work?

Marjorie MacDonald

I am amazed at how quickly this remedy relieved the pain and is shrinking the blisters. I got the flu with fever and woke up with my upper lip covered with them 2 days ago. I put 100% vitamin E oil on them and it didn't clear them up. this morning I woke up with them on my bottom lip and looked for home remedy options. Of course you can't venture out with this mixture on your lips, but it has made a difference within 4 hours. Probably would have better results if a person administered it from the onset. Thanks!!!!


How long do I leave it on my lip for?

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