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I get a lot of UTIs especially when I got married for some odd reason. I was researching a lot and found one remedy that works amazingly! One girl posted itbon a Russian website, she said that that was the only remedy her grandmother used. So, you take a bucket (i put metal one inside the plastic, like you know, they put paint in) and fill it with hot water(you need steam, but be careful). Then you take a brick, fold in foil (in case it brakes so you won't have a mess) and put it on stoce so it becomes hot. Carefully after that put the brick into bucket, and without a greed pour some eucalyptus and tea tree essential oil(i took maybe like a tablespoon of each). Sit on a bucket for 20-25 mins. Then keep yourself warm. I usually do it before I go to sleep. Sometimes this is the only thing I do and it works!

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Wtf? You forgot to tell everyone to stand on their heads after doing 23 and one half push-ups while feeding a strawberry article to their pet gerble octopus Cuddles.


I think it is the tea tree oil and steam that must be doing the trick here.

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