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i recommend all those with cancer to stay strong
here i have 1 trick which is the best fighter of cancer and it can be brought from any supermarket or shop
its tUMERIC POWDER (the light yellow one)
i know this work so please try it will seriously help
gud luck

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Try natural raw almonds And apricot cores.. But good luck the fda made em illegal... Yup raw almonds can u believe they don't exist in the us anymore.. At least natural


You can order them online.Just can't grow them in U.S


How do u use the tumerick powder please?


I sprinkled in within my dog's food and mixed it.
I couldn't afford a 100\\% natural menu for her so I would cook Oats and mix with Alpo London Grill (it was the only dog food available within my budget and that had real food as its first ingredients) and put approx. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Have plenty of fresh water available for your dog.

Her growth disappeared within a month or less. In addition, her fur grew back! Bald areas that I thought would never growth back from a prior skin irritation are now covered in fur.

Before changing her diet, she was so thin, it was sad to pet her and feel bones :( Now, she's putting on weight (still a few more pounds to be gained...).

I continue to add her turmeric to her diet regularly. I even added crushed red peppers a few times when I ran out of turmeric (with the thought the heat would counter any internal inflammation) - use turmeric only now.

Also, I would occasionally add unsulphured molasses, cod liver oil, and/or olive oil to the above as well. I served the oats warmed or would add a bit of cold water to cool it down a bit.

I hope this helps.

Forums such as this one helped me greatly.


How do you use turmeric ...please mention..


True! Turmeric is wonderful in prevention & healing cancer tissues.
it should be used with black pepper,as pepper helps to assimilate turmeric better,400% more than just turmeric.
According to Ayurveda turmeric is dry and hot spice, so one must increase the total fat intake to cope up with the dryness.

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