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Flea bath Works wonders

If you want a way to kill fleas with a bath use DAWN dish SOAP. Put some by their ears and face so they dont try to hide near their eyes or in their ears. it kills the eggs. you will see them bleed. The fleas die as well. Leave the dog in a lather for a min to make sure you got them all and they will die. We have a few dogs and this works every time. No point in wasting money on expensive shampoo that may not work. You probably use this on your dishes already.

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They are not eggs bleeding it is the fecis of the adult fleas. Your pets blood.


Hi, i use and old dish wash soap. Does it matter what brand i use on my pets?


hello, i am from south africa, here we get sunlight liquid and maq dishwash soap, can i use that as well my poor dog is scratching like mad and the pills for fleas are out of my financial bracket

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