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I have tried many things, Orajel and a lot of the other things. My best remedy was to use peroxide as a mouth rinse, it kills the bacteria that causes the pain instantly.Just follow up with orajel or clove oil on the affected tooth after rinsing. This can stop pain until you can see a dentist. Do NOT swallow the peroxide, just rinse and spit.

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Thank you so much!! I used your method and it worked. I was in SUPER pain!! It's still sore but not as have as bad. Thanks again


You should be aware of something. Peroxide is a dangerous thing to use. It digs, just like it kills dead flesh ona wound it does the same thing to the hole in your tooth.. yes it will clear it out.. but use it alot will cause the hole to grow deeper and next time it might make the pain worse.


I also use peroxide...since you can use it as a mouth rinse anyway.

Mrs. B

Omg thanks so much! I was in terrible pain until I swished peroxide and water for a minute it freaking worked!!!! Its still sore but I felt relief instantly! !!!! Now for some sleep with no throbbing pain!!! :-D

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