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Yeah! I can hear again. I followed the remedy of using virgin olive oil and the rubber syringe. I heated the olive oil, filled my ear canal with it, lay on my side for 20 minutes, massaging my ear lobe, then flushed it out, using the syringe filled with warm soapy water. After about 10 hard squirts, I couldn't believe the amount of wax that washed out, pencil eraser size. Thank goodness for the internet!

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Thanks for your 13 year old was having the same issues... so I did exactly what you said and it worked.Took maybe 30 mins.


Thanks for your post. You're a life saver! I had been dealing with a plugged ear for over a week and I tried your advice today. I feel like a new person! It's just so wonderful to be able to hear out of that ear again. Thank you!


I had an earwax blocked, I put a couple of warmed olive oil drops into my ear, layed on my side for 15min and then washed it out with a bubble squirter after a couple of squirts my ear was open and I could hear fine again!

charles in Midland, TX

I owe someone a Christmas card. After being totally deaf in one ear for entire week I went to the Dr and found out I had ear wax. Tried the over the counter ear drops but didn't work. Last night after reading this I tried olive oil and the wax just popped out.


So this didnt work for me. What kind of soap did you use to flush it out? And do you put the bulb syringe in your ear or just close to the opening. I'm going crazy!


Yes, I had a completely blocked right ear for the last 3 days (95% deafness) and had tried over-the-counter sodium bicarbonate ear-drops but without any success. Then last night before going to bed I poured a few millilitres of olive oil into my ear and went to sleep (being careful to sleep on my side with the affected ear facing the ceiling, and keeping some tissues handy for leakage). I awoke once during the night and poured in some more olive oil. Then this morning, I went straight into the shower and directed the flow directly into my ear so that jet went directly into the ear canal and after about 15 seconds it suddenly popped, the earwax flowed out and I could hear again. It feels wonderful, I'll never take hearing from granted again - I really do feel for people with hearing difficulties now!
At the end of the day, I just don't think that you can beat good old olive oil for effectively softening ear wax - as good as any pharmacy-bought product. You just have to be patient and not rush it - it may take a couple of days of applying drops and try to keep them in as long as possible (I recommend the overnight option like I did, if you don't move about too much in your sleep!) - but this will work for most people in the end! Good luck!

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