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Anonymous i have been dealing with this jock itch crap for about 5 years or so..since i was in iraq....i work in hot environments on a regular basis and have tried EVERYTHING...i have had some luck with tenactin and other stuff like it for a temporary fix...but i found a strange fix as of a few nights ago....after reading a few peoples ideas about using vinegar...i got a lil drunk one night and was trying to pass out...but couldnt because i was itching to i went and put pickle juice on my junk just being stupid and holy crap!!!..instant relief...swear to god...try will burn for a sec but it stops everything and u can atleast go to sleep...i have yet to see if it makes it go away...but if u want a good night sleep atleast....use dill pickle juice....rub it on and let it dry...then pass yo butt out...goodnight

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As an old guy who runs distance last summer I got real bad jock itch. It lasted till the weather got chilly. So this summer i decided to make it chilly for the fungus infection and put ice packs on the infected areas. After a few days of periodic placing of ice packs it is very much under control. I also drink guava leaf tea which is a good anti-fungal. This has been very good so far, I also use a highly mentholated gel called Sombra or Sore no More on the areas affected except right on the scrotum as it burns too much. There i spray with a much diluted clove oil water mixture.

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