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Zanfel and Domeboro worked the best for me. Zanfel scrub removes the oil from poison ivy. Domeboro, mixed with warm water, then applied through washcloth compresses (launder in hot, soapy water), gave relief to itching. It acts like an astringent and has antibacterial properties too. It's very soothing! I found out about Domeboro at the urgent care when I had a terrible case of poison ivy. The doctor said it would help more than any prescription or over the counter remedy and he was right. I've been a gardener all my life and never had issues with poison ivy until I turned 55! I've tried many rememdies, but Zanfel and Domeboro are the best! I keep Zanfel and Domeboro on hand at all times!

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I have used Domboro for years. Prednisone wouldn't work and domboro did.

Jim Gafney

Urushiol is the bad actor and absorbs into the skin, bonding to it until the skin is burned and damaged.
After initial cleaning for infection prevention rub the area vigorously with lots of hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you get all the areas that might have been exposed. Do not scratch or scrape your skin.
2. You have now reacted the bad Urushiol oil with hydrogen peroxide chemically changing it to a new chemical that is soluble in Iso-propal alchohol aka, rubbing alcohol. Now go over the whole area with this to remove the Urushiol oil. Let the areas dry and treat as a regular burn. The spreading has now been stopped.


domboro is the ONLY thing that works for me! It takes a few days of compress but works awesomely. When I get PI if I don't use domboro it can last three- four months. Just got some today knowing its going to hit tomorrow...

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