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I had a root canal fail over the long weekend of Memorial Day 2013 and had the most horrible pain I have experienced in my life. The pain was way beyond that of 3 long childbirths. I tried every last remedy on the website. I had slight relief (2-3 min) from the teabag, pure vanilla, ice packs (lunch pack ice bags wrapped inserted in a sports sock), and salt water rinses. I took Advil and leftover Vicodan. In addition, I rubbed extra strength Orajel on the gums. In one day, my face blew up from infection and I had to get an antibiotic from the ER. It took 48 hrs for the infection to calm down with the antibiotic. I continued salt rinses, ice packs, Advil, Vicodan, and Orajel. Don't wait to get an antibiotic. Since this tooth had been through the root canal process 2x in 15 years, it had to go. Now, I am almost painfree, but that will change when I start phase 2 of the tooth implant.

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