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Yesterday, I woke up with ringworm ALL OVER MY BODY. I tried an over-the-counter antifungal--Clotrimazole 1%. It gave me some relief for a couple of hours, but it took the whole tube to cover all of my body and this morning I did not see any visible improvement. If anything, it was worse because it spread to my eyes.

Anyways I came on here and read all the remedies. I decided to try the Monistat (Miconazole Nitrate 2%). But then I noticed LOTRIMIN (jock itch spray!) has the same active ingredient. So I bought that and sprayed my entire body this morning. The areas calmed down considerably within an hour or two and the itching too!

The spray was so much easier to use than having to spread cream every place (possibly spreading it more). I did use some Monistat for my eyelids, however, since they were inflamed with it too.

I'm not healed, but am feeling soooooo much better a mere 12 hours later.

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After reading all these reviews, it looks like there's a consensus that garlic may work. My ringworm started as a semi crescent across the left side of my whole face. Lotrmin initially kind of sort of worked but it kept coming back because I couldn't resist scratching it because of the excessive itching. Eventually mine spread into clusters and now the lotrimin is useless, in fact the more I put it on the more it itches. Lotrimin is only effective if you have a single quartersized ringworm, if it goes beyond that, forget, it's not worth the $12 for 1 oz. of paste.


I would suggest to anyone who woke up with ringworm all over their body that either they have a very compromised immune system and should see a doctor about possible other much more serious causes for this, or they more than likely do not have ringworm, but instead an allergic response to something they came in contact with or ate, or a viral infection. In a case such as this, I would see a doctor as soon as possible, and get a skin culture or biopsy of the skin to have cultured to determine its causes.

It is indeed extremely rare for a fungal infection like ringworm to suddenly appear on a large area overnight. Ringworm is a progressive condition that takes time to spread, as the fungus reproduces and grows.

When a systemic condition effecting the whole body occurs, I would suggest look elsewhere for the cause, and try to get it confirmed by tests.

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