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I have treated many people with bladder infections over a number of years and I can tell you that while antibiotics will kill an infection, over the long run they will do nothing to remedy the cause of the problem. In many if not most cases, the problem will eventually return again and again. As a result the person will continue to be treated with antibiotics and still the underlying cause of the problem will never be addressed and it will worsen over time, yet this will in most cases never be recognized by the doctor or the patient.

These infections are a result of a diet and lifestyle that creates optimal conditions for the infection to develop. Stress and anxiety (often unconscious), is also a key factor yet this is also often hereditary.

The person has got to eliminate sugar, alcohol and refined foods from the diet. It can also be very helpful to eliminate cold foods and drinks as these can stress the kidney/bladder system.

If you want to get off the antibiotic merry go round and correct the underlying imbalance or weakness in the system that is behind the infection problem, you should find a well recommended licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. You will be very glad you did.

One simple procedure through which I resolved every bladder infection I ever encountered was a treatment from traditional oriental medicine called; 'Moxibustion'. Moxa is the herb mugwort and it is used in a burning form to apply heat to specific acupuncture points. The treatment normally feels very good to the patient and usually produces very positive results almost immediately. It takes about ten or fifteen minutes to do.

Other than the dietary changes it can be helpful to drink pure, unfiltered, unsweetened cranberry juice.

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I recently ate a piece of KFC chicken and got food poisoning. I have a feeling my boyfriends mom did it in on purpose, she worked at Kfc, she brought the chicken home, and I think it was because she'd planned a trip to Disney land and she didn't want my kids and I to go. The thing is, I think it was ecoli that made me sick, because I caught a bladder infection following the food poisoning. I really would like to know what will help me. I can't seem to gain strength back, my skin is suffering, and my hairs been brittle and dry. It's been about 3 weeks since the poisoning, Ahhh I am going nuts.


Yea well I am having troubles with it and I have no clue on what to do. I know something is not right with it though. I have had it before and my mom just kept on telling me to drink more water or cranberry juice. I have been going to the restroom a lot often and it hurts all the time to the point were I cry. I would be in the restroom for hours. That and for some reason, this only happens after I get my period. This is the longest it has gone. I just need help.

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