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My best remedy for skin boils is apply a drop of Vitamin E oil first to prevent dryness and scars, next apply a mixture of Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil diluted with some water on the boil, after it has dried, apply some Collodial Silver. Apply some antibiotic ointment and Hydocortisone cream. Afterwards apply fresh Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant. The bottled stuff just doesnt do the trick. Last cover it with a dollop of Raw Honey and cover it up so the honey doesnt run everywhere. I usually just cut a piece of tissue and cover it lightly. I also keep it clean with Iodine, use hydrotherapy when it hurts - I use a warm Echinacea tea bag and a Tea Tree Oil Ice cube, apply a Baking Soda water paste for 30min and at night use a sulfur acne mask. Some other remedies I use; I immediately go on a 3-day detox diet of fresh vegetable juices and lots of water, I clean out my nose with grapefruit seed extract spray 2xs a day since I read that is where the Staph bacteria lives, I clean out my ears with Hydrogen Peroxide, I drink Aloe Vera Juice 3xs a day and 1T ACV, I take 20min Epsom Salt baths and I go on a colon cleanse. As far as supplements, I take Echinacea and Tumeric 3xs a day, Probiotics AM & PM, Garlic 3xs a day, Vitamin C 2xs a day along with my regular everyday vitamins. I also take 1/2 a tsp of Collodial Silver by mouth, swish it and then swallow it. FYI My skin boils appear when I eat too much sugar and dairy products. I switched to a hyperglycemia diet even though Im not a diabetic and this is my first boil in almost 10yrs. Hope this helps. Boils are definitely no fun.

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Jeez women, most of us just use toothpaste


Who on earth has all of that in their bathroom!!


Is this person for real?


Omg! I have all those things in my Martha Stuart fanny pack


What about the eye of newt? Any incantations you have to call out?


Whats your suggestions for OCD?? LOL


Omg I cant believe I just now found this post. After all these years. Thanks to you know who, for making me sound like a crazy person. Wow ok. Yes I do get boils and yes I do seemingly do alot to get rid of them but to clarify, I use warm salt water, Tea Tree oil, Tumeric Capsules and a clay mask. But I guess all these remedies together could work lol. or not. Whatever. Still pretty funny stuff.

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