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I believe I have angular cheilitis. It started about a week ago when one of the corners of my mouth ripped open. It quickly spread to the other side (which is now worse than the original). This is all coming after a three week 'battle' with another lip problem where I woke up one morning with incredibly swollen and painful lips which didn't go down for about a week. Finally I went to a Dr who prescribed me antihistamines and said the problem was hives on the lips. This prescription took care of the problem in a few days but left my lips incredibly chapped. I used Aquaphor religiously to try and cure that. My lips finally felt almost normal except for the tightness, and eventual rip, of the left corner of my mouth. After a week of dealing with one corner being painful and tight, I woke up to feel the other ripped as well.
It was at this point that I googled 'ripped corners of mouth' and found a lot of information about Angular Cheilitis, a lot of which was from forums and completely contradictory. I decided to immediately start taking vitamins (I am a 20 yr old college student with an incredibly poor diet and high stress levels) which included a super B-complex, multivitamin, and iron supplement. I have been taking these for about five days. I also started washing my mouth with anti-bacterial soap and using vaseline, but this didn't make a difference. So, the next day I bought a Kroger generic of Monistat which I used for one full day. This made the edges of my mouth extremely tight and itchy, so I ditched it (possibly prematurely). Yesterday I started cleaning the wounds with hydrogen-peroxide and using baking powder. I woke up this morning and my wounds are as bad or worse than ever plus I have a rash (or possible continuation of the sore) around my mouth. I have very, very sensitive skin and worry that I exasperated the issue.
Please help! This is very painful and looks awful. I am not sure which treatment to continue or if there is something new that I could do. Thanks!

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To begin with try using anti-bacterial dish washer. This solution seems to work on many who suffer from AC condition. After washing with hot water and dish washing soap, dry your lips and apply vaseline. Just make sure your hands are clean and that you use disposable napkins when drying. To avoid any unwanted bacteria to get in there. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day. This works especially well in the evenings before bed, because during the sleep your body rests and regenerates. Vaseline will help closing the wounds.

Even if doesn't remove the problem completely I believe it will sooth the wounds that you have.


I have had this also along with other facial skin ailments. It is painful and embarrassing. Sorry to hear you have to go through this. This is how I got rid of mine. Go to the store and buy a tube of Clotrimazole 1% cream(antifungal cream often used for athletes foot) First wash the areas with an antibacterial soap and dry well. Apply the cream with a q tip to the corners of your mouth and do this 4 to 6 times daily. Make sure to use a different Q-tip for each side so you don't cross contaminate. Rub in well with you fingers or the Qtip but you want it to absorb well. Wash your hands well. I drank through a straw and kept the areas as dry as possible, dabbing with a tissue often, avoided too much sun and used a mild chapstick ( nothing with sunscreen in it! I felt relief in one day and it was completely gone in about a week. Try also to incorporate Lysine, B2 and B12 into your vitamin regimen. Hope this helps!

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