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When you first feel the onset of a fever blister, rub bleach on that spot. It may burn just a bit, but it will prevent the fb from erupting. If your fb has erupted already, dip a Qtip into some bleach and apply directly to fb. The bleach will instantly dry the sore. You can apply the bleach as often as you like, the more applications you apply the quicker the sore will be gone. After each application use a lip balm (Vaseline, carmex, etc). The lip balm will help the scab fall off. Using bleach should clear your fb within a day. Happy fever blister fighting!!!

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I get one only when my lips are dry and im trying the bleach now. I have family pics sunday so im desperate. Will let u know how it works :-D


Like bleach u wash clothes with?


The bleach u wash your clothes with?


Yes. That r u can use rubbing alcohol


bleach used full strenghth is toxic/can in itself cause chemical burns.This is a stupid and dangerous remedy..Dont risk it,as the old saying goes Monkey see ,Monkey do,,,,not in this case..

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