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Place a steeped, drained tea bag as hot as you can stand it directly on the tooth. The tea leaves will draw out the abcess and relieve the pain.

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Smoke you some cigarettes and drink you some whiskey

My home remedies is when your tooth hurts like a bitch drink some alcohol and don't go lay down or it won't help kill the pain in the tooth or gum don't mix your alcohol with any pills drink a strong brand of your choice alcohol drink.

Laying down does make it hurt even more so when you drink drink and stay up I tried pain pills non of those work for mouth pain all that a pain pill does is make you sleepy when you drink your type of whiskey your not drinking to get drunk your drinking to kill the pain and infection in your mouth PILLS Dont Work

cigarettes help me I can count on them cigarettes and alcohol drinks will kill your throbbing ass teeth and sore ass gums if you can't afford the dentist like me I hope your teeth and gums feel better

Christine M

My husband had an abscess on the roof of his mouth behind a tooth that has intermittently given him trouble. I did a lot of research on it and ended up lancing it for him (yea, that was fun). I squeezed out lots (and I mean LOTS) of yellow and white pus before I started getting blood-tinged pus. At that point, he rinsed with salt-water then we applied the green tea bag twice in 20 minute increments then I made a tea bag with activated charcoal and he did another 20 minute application of that. The rest of the swelling and pus did NOT go away immediately that evening, however, when he got up the next morning it was COMPLETELY gone!! The only reminder was a tiny black spot on the roof of his mouth (presumably where I pricked him and the blood clotted.) He has been pain-free since then and has expressed his appreciation over and over in the days since!!!


I'm in a antibiotic and my absece just popped on its own I used salt water warm to rinse my mouth and you wouldn't believe the relief I got


I have been on antibiotics for all most a week and my face is still swallon wat should i do i cant sleep where it just there all the time and never gos away painkillers aint helping


No money. Constantly in tooth pain. Where IS the relief


I have run into the same problem with my dentist who refuses to prescribe an antibiotic went yesterday he pulled molar tooth was black with infection. He lanced abscess I had. Top tooth has rotten taste I am suffering from anemia. So I've been sick for 3 months. His staff is really nice but he is a preppy know it all. He said he wants to wait an see if top tooth settles down I am actually glad he didn't pull both would of been to much. However with the rotten taste an sore lymph nodes he should of given me amoxicillin I get antibiotic resistance but abscesses were exactly what they were made for. Dr.s of any kind need to get off their ego high horse trip an listen to their patients. A patient should have every right to participate in their treatment but a lot of this is comeing from our goverment an people like cdc who seem to want to take a one size fits all attitude. Espically with the lies they have spread about an opiate epidemic an bacteria that is antibiotic immune these Msri strains it's funny happened in hospital where the so called experts work...

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