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Place a steeped, drained tea bag as hot as you can stand it directly on the tooth. The tea leaves will draw out the abcess and relieve the pain.

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bam bam

My tooth has been hurting for over a week now, my apt is on tuesday for a root canal:( I have a tea bag on now but not sure if its working. But i wanna know why it hurts more when i lie down.

Zach Ryals

I have an abscess under an impacted molar, It was very painful and like some of you I thought it would not go away until I visited the dentist, but I am very poor and cannot afford this luxury .so I just brush my teeth and keep as much sugar out of my diet as possible, also I have theory that if you raise the acidity of your body, with a little vineagar it will do the trick. You have to brush after every meal, floss, mouth rinse, and invest in one of those metal picks that dentists use, it is really helpful picking plac and tartar off the base of teeth. Really, I think it has to do with the quality of your blood, you are what you eat. So absolutely no phosphoric acid, and no sugary sodas(or extreme moderation) Antiinflamitory herbs ought to be your best friend, go get some cinnamon, and turmeric, and ginger, Also(I havent tried this) licorice is deadly to the specific bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay, so if you can get that in supplement form(not the candy) DO IT. I am a living testament that this pain will subscede, but if you get discouraged and feel like throwing a tantrum(Yes, the pain can really make you lose it) Read about the four part cure! Tetrapharmakos I cant provide you with the link, but it is on wikipedia.


I have a tooth abscess. Last Wednesday (1/23/13) I was at my dentist for a routine procedure, I was given a shot of novocaine prior to the procedure, no xrays were taken. It was sore that day, but I didn't think much of it. The next day the pain was worse, I called the office and they said that it was normal. I tried to explain to them at that time, I've had many dental procedures in my life and I never remember hurting this bad this long. By Friday (1/25/25) I was insisting to be seen again because I had pain both in my mouth and around my left nostril. He did a quick visual check, didn't see anything 'alarmingly unusual' but gave me a low dose of Amoxicilien anyhow, again no xrays were taken. By Saturday, I could feel a lump the size of a quarter where the inner, upper cheek meets my upper gum line and the pain near my left nostril was worse and a small lump could be felt in that area I tried this teabag trick a few times that day for 2-3 hours at a time.... By Sunday (1/27/13) I was in so much pain with it, it was making me nauseous. I spent 1/2 the day in the ER and after many blood tests and a CT scan, an abscess was diagnosed, both in my cheek and at the root of my tooth that was worked on, as well as the tooth next to it, with a 'tunnel' going between them. The oral surgeon on call told them to discharge me but to have me call his office 1st thing Monday morning. The ER took me off of Amoxicillin and put me on Clindamycin, as well as gave me Motrin 800s and Vidodin, that finally took some of the edge off so I was good with waiting until morning. I woke up Monday morning (1/28/13), it hurt worse than the day before, but at least I had some meds to help me deal. I called his office at 8am on the dot. I was told to come in as soon as I could, I was able to get there by 9am. He wanted to give the new antibiotic 1 more day in my system before he lanced it, and in the mean time he set me up to see an endodontist about a root canal (the ONLY thing, aside from pulling the tooth) that can take care of a dental abscess, I went to that appointment and he said he couldn't do a root canal with as much swelling I was presenting with because the tooth wouldn't drain. Tuesday (1/29/13) I was back at the oral surgeon, he lanced the abscess (the one I put the tea bag on) which would have given me immediate relief, except stuff he used to numb it never worked, the swelling and infection rendered it useless, so I could feel the scalpel cut my skin open. I had, what can only be described a as a big ass hole where all the puss was and he packed it with some gauze strips that smelled and tasted like clove that stung like hell. He helped me schedule my root canal with the endodontist for Thursday (1/30/13). Wednesday, a new abscess appeared in a different spot on my cheek, it was so large it extended over 1/2 way from the area where the upper, inner lip meets your jaw going toward my teeth. I had the most bitter taste in my mouth and it literally felt like the skin of my gum was being ripped away from the bone by fire. The upper, inner jaw was also in hot, searing pain, as was the left side of my tongue. The pain meds did nothing, the Motrin 800 did nothing. I found a way to not OD on Vicodin to end the pain once and for all, and made it to Thursday (1/30/13), the day I was supposed to have my root canal. I woke up, that new abscess was about the size of a golfball stuck in between my outer cheek skin and my inner cheek skin. I got there at 820am and was told that the new abscess had to be taken care of before he could do the root canal. He sent me back over to the oral surgeon, who put me on 2 new antibiotics and told me he wanted those in my system for 24 hours and put me on bed rest, as he informed me that physical activity can raise the blood pressure enough to push any infection from that area of the face into the brain. Well, finally, as I was watching TV that day the damn thing spontaneously ruptured in my mouth (I can only describe this as tasting like rotting road kill that's been sitting out in the hot sun). A thick, green pus kept coming out of it. I stuffed a tissue into my mouth and called the Oral Surgeon for instructions. They told me to rinse with 1/2 teaspoon salt water in 8-12 oz of as hot of water I can stand to have in my mouth and to rinse several times that day to kill the bacteria coming out of it and to definitely come in for my surgery appointment the following morning. Through out the day after the rupture, I felt sicker and sicker. I was nauseous, my stomach was upset, the area that burst stung like crazy, I couldn't relax and I had a headache. Finally Friday morning (2/1/13) (the day I'm writing this to warn you) my ride arrived at my house bright and early for my 2nd emergency surgery for an abscess in less than a week. During pre-op the oral surgeon was drilling me about auto-immune diseases, any sort of immune dificiencies, AIDS, HIV, anything. I don't have any of that. I did tell him I tried this tea bag trick over the weekend. THAT'S when he realized. Placing a teabag (anything solid or semi-solid really) on an active abscess can potentially break the encapsulation of the abscess and spread the infection. I had spread my infection by putting this teabag (that did't work, it never drew any infection out the day I used it). As it turns out, using this teabag could have killed me had I waited to seek medical attention. Today, I had an invasive oral surgery where they cut my inner cheek open from where the jawbone meets my ear (they found a 3rd, smaller abscess forming back there) all the way to about the midline of my upper lip. Irrigated it thoroughly, stitched it back up and put in a drain to allow whatever infection that might form or come out of more blood vessels to have a way to escape. The drain comes out Monday (2/4/13). Hopefully this heals fast and I can have my root canal soon so I can be 100% rid of this infection.

Tooth abscesses can absolutely be deadly. Pressing a teabag onto an abscess that is already stretching skin, creating a tight spot then closing the lip around it, creating a compression sort of effect by default can and will spread the infection further creating a life threatening condition (as can attempting to lance them yourself at home, I was told that he has seen a few people do that and spread them not only to other parts of their mouth, but on their body as well). My oral surgeon said he's never seen such a bad infection and that I was lucky I wasn't septic because I easily could have pushed that infection into my blood stream via one of the many blood vessels in the face.

When it comes to your life, money should not be the limiting factor. A tooth abscess will only be completely cleared if you get a root canal or the tooth pulled, regardless of how many tea bags you go through. They will come back and come back until one of those 2 procedures are done. Those of you who have used teabags, are very lucky you did't spread your infection the way I spread mine. When I got to the oral surgeon's office this morning, I wasn't able to sleep for over 24 hours, hadn't had a full night's sleep for over a week and a half, and had a temperature of 101. I was in a life threatening situation and they considered taking me to a hospital to preform the procedure. If saving a few bucks on a home remedy that isn't proven to fix anything is worth your life, by all means use the teabag all you want. Me, I will NEVER be using another home remedy when it comes to infections, they just aren't worth it. The moment I stepped into the ER I knew this problem was going to be expensive, I had no idea it would come close to costing me my life.


In my younger years, i had numerous root canals done to 'save' teeth. expensive, painful, temporary. Now older, i have had a few extractions, a crown build-up with no crown, and 2 teeth decayed to the gumline. When it comes to pain, pills could never help me. But i can tell you one trick that will work for pain and also help to kill infection. MELALEUCA!! (tea tree oil) it tastes bad at first, but you get used to the relieving taste. take a q-tip and apply the melaleuca to the entire tooth and surrounding gum area. you can apply it to all of your teeth and brush with water only to rinse. do not apply to porcelein crowns or dentures. This has helped me to keep my abscess rates down, and my cavities from spreading further.


Tea bags bring the puss out..Iknow I'm standing here in so much pain Iseriously want to hang myself from the tooth and pull it out.mine has to be surgically removed because its moved into my sinus cavity and then 2 on the bottom the roots are fused together.the bottoms don't hurt its the huge puss ball Icant break its hard and not wateryi took 10 of the 7.5 hydrocodones and it didn't kill the pain.that's enough hydrocodone to knock a 300 lb man on his arse...yea and Iwas still crying along with that Itook 4 tramadols 2 butalbitols 2 tylenol pms,4 200 mg ibuprophens and 2 naproxens and still nothiing.Iswished with vanilla extract and it keeps it calm.I'm on clindimyacin and amoxcicillin but nothing is working Icant even close my mouth the cyst is so big..I'm gonna pop it myself


This tea bag method really works. I had an abcess across my gums for about a week. No pills would help the pain. I took amoxillin and penicillin to help fight infection. But the swelling of my face didn't leave. I slept last night w a Lipton tea bag tucked in my jaw on top of the abcess for about N hr. Removed the teA bag slept about 3 hrs went and looked in the mirror and my abcess had burst on it's on. It came to a white head and fluid begin to flow out. I rinsed w salt water and began the tea method again. Swelling is almost completely gone. 👏👏👏👏👏


Actually there is a great home remedy that I get some oregano and clove leaf on q-tip and rub it on the infected area Iit works wonders


When you use the teabag method...WELL I DONT, but you need something that will remove the bacteria filled puss once its bursted.

Not trying to freak anyone out but i've had a tooth abscess for a year. Its terribly unhealthy, but I dont believe in root canals, only tooth extraction and as a grad student, I coudlnt take the time off. I will have this tooth pulled in a week though, GOD willing.

I have an insanely strong immune system and for the entire year, my abscess stayed the same size and has been 100\% painless. For the past two months, I floss insanely (bc. food seeping up into my root is what feeds this bacteria), I rinse my mouth with apple cider vinegar (4 mins) and a tiny bit of water and I see this brown film come out every time (totally gross) . Then BAKING SODA and water (8 minutes) to NEUTRALIZE THE ACID YOU JUST PUT OVER YOUR TEETH so you can protect the enamel. THIS will burst open the abscess WHICH is ExTEMELY DANGEROUS...if you let it stay in your body. But we dont do that. IMMEDIATELY after both I OIL pull with 1 table spoon coconut oil for 20 minutes. Yup a 32 min routine every night. Then i rinse my mouth with salt + water, I drink 4 tbl sp acv with water and stevia before bed and I take 2 oil of oregano capsules is more potent than an antibiotic (which did nothing for me the 3 weeks I used them) --which kills any remaining bacteria that oil pulling didnt get to so I dont die in my sleep from sepsis. LOL. God will protect me. I am doing this because an active bacterial infection is dangerous. I'm just so blessed and grateful God has kept me with my broke self. :( Hope this helps. God be with you!

Dentists dont care if you got no money

Does this tea bag shit really work I have a dieing tooth will work on that my cheek hurts when I move my mouth around its a bad pain with out insurance any dentist won't give to fucks about you no cash they don't give a fuck about seeing your teeth cold shit bugs my teeth

I'm just sick this soreness by my cheek and on my tooth and gum i have a half dead top tooth what the dentist wont fix so what in the heaven am i to do I wonder if sandpaper would get the job done above my gum line will it pop the pee sized bubble

If anyone of you ever had a hangnail and you pulled it off then you're finger on the side swelled up with puss think if you just leave it in their and not bust it with a needle that is how my gum feels it feels fat and warm.

Fuck the dentists

Alot of people have teeth problems because of the dentist's and because all dentist's want to much information from people if you can not get the information they need they will not see you just for a check up my teeth now are the way they are because of the damn dentist want information I couldn't get to even be seen

the dentist don't care if your in pain they wouldn't care if your tooth was hanging on by one root and you walk in their and ask can you pull this out for me

If a person doesn't have money to hand out or any insurance dentist will look the other way I hate the damn dentist's

Bad teeth taste bad the dentist I've been to the bitch said you have lots of infection how the hell will it ever go away when they don't give me nothing for it to kill the damn infection dumb ass dentist's that's why i hate them because they are not helping my I brush my rotten teeth every day I say I brush what I have left.

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