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Place a steeped, drained tea bag as hot as you can stand it directly on the tooth. The tea leaves will draw out the abcess and relieve the pain.

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I tryed the t bag thing and it made it bloody worse. Good job i have a dentist appoitment in 35 mins. Think im just going to get them to take it out.


hot item causes infection to spread into face...use cold only for relief


First, let me begin by saying how truly sorry I am that you are reading this! If you were like me, you are here because you are looking for a natural remedy for an awful, terribly painful abscessed tooth!

Secondly, let me just be honest with you and tell you that, in my opinion, there is NO natural or over-the-counter remedy that will help you if you have an abscessed tooth. Yes, I tried the potato and the tea bags. I wouldn't doubt that they work well with MINOR infections, but you must understand what you are dealing with here. You have a 'dead' tooth that is pumping poison (bacteria) into your body. The root, or nerve, is dead, decaying, rotten... have you ever let ground beef go bad? You know the smell? OK, I need not elaborate. That's what is going on in your tooth.

In my opinion, you MUST get an antibiotic right away if you cannot get to a dentist. My abscessed tooth hit on a weekend, so I could not get to a dentist. But I was able to take an antibiotic - and let me tell you, friend, that was the only thing that helped. Here's a little tidbit that tells you how strong this bacterial infection is that you've got: even with my antibiotic, the swelling only slowed and the pain became bearable. It did not stop the swelling! Why? Because it was fighting a losing battle with the decaying nerve.

What my dentist did for me was drill a hole in the top of my tooth and the puss just spewed out like a volcano. (YUCK! I know) He cleaned out the root canals and gave me a stronger antibiotic. With the putrid material gone, the healing began immediately.

I'm a strong advocate of doing everything naturally that you can, but this abscessed tooth is beyond the homeopathic realm - in my opinion. :-)

P.S. I believe the comment about applying heat to the infection makes it worse. Also, you might think about consuming yogurt when you start the antibiotics. Good luck!


I used clove oil. It worked at first and every once in a while. Then I used aspirin. It worked at first and every once in a while. Then I used a fresh green teabag dampened with cold water . . . at the same time I was holding ice in a washcloth on my cheek, my neck, my face and my head in general, but mostly on my cheek near the abcess. After about an hour and a half I took the teabag out and I noticed a large wad (yuck!) of pus. it really did draw the pus out of the abcess.


this really works and makes it feel so much better.


urothearapy. sound extreme, but works.

someone who cares too

The pain is actually from all the icky stuff that is putting pressure on your tooth. You can always pop it and drain the fluid which will give you immediate relief from the pain but when you do this be sure to spit out the fluids, be prepared for the smell and make sure you are using something that is clean to do this procedure. I had a abscess tooth and no pain killer was touching the pain, finally I went into my bathroom took one of those toothpicks with the floss on one end, the pick end was flat so I laid it against the front of the tooth and slid it up between the tooth and gum and out came all that puss and blood and boy did it smell, but just as soon as it started to drain the pain stopped and was just a mild ache then. Afterwards I used a baking soda mixed with water rinse, this will sterlize you mouth and help in the pain also, do NOT taste good at all. After using the baking soda/water rinse, be sure to rinse your mouth with clean water. You will need to have antibotics to heal this infection or a natural antibotic.


I just tried to tea bag remedy and it REALLY DID work. It hut like crazy...I mean REALLY hurt and puffed my abscess up more for about the first 20 minutes. After that, the pain was completely gone so I left it in for two hours. Sure enough, when I checked in the mirror, there was a white dot in the middle of a black ring that wasn't there before the tea bag. SO I used my sterilized needle and barely touched it. POP! All that nasty stuff came oozing out. I had the kind of abscess that was in the jaw and face, so I gently pushed all of the poison towards the bottom where the hole was and completely drained it within 30 minutes. (I really took my time..) I'm not swollen anymore!!

Granted, this will get rid of the abscess, it will not get rid of the infection. This helps, but you DO need antibiotics and either a root canal or extraction to make sure it doesn't come back. However, I am aware that no dentist will work on you as long as there is infection still present. Get some antibiotics, PLEASE.


OK, everyone's talking about 'get some antibiotics and have it pulled/root canal'. What about people who can't afford these things?


realy do u ave a choise but to find the money when it comes to a pain like this

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