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Matt H.

AGoond this time 3 years ago is when I developed genital warts. I'm is really thought my life was over!I'm pretty sure I got it from my ex fiance.through a lot of trial and error I have developed my own method to treating my genital warts.

It is extremely important to boost your immune system. This helps fight of the gentle warts naturally. Step two: I also used Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts when they appeared. Its all natural and safe to use in sensitive areas. step 3: it is very important to remember to stay positive when dealing with genital warts.each year about a million people contract genital warts so remember that you are not alone. Good luck everyone.

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Stop posting this scam people need real help not just some money hungry people trying to steal what little the have left! Karma!!!


Its a scam and you're a spammer


Funny... I see the same message posted about 20 times on this site.

Quit the BS... Stop giving people false hope for your fake treatments.


Just go to the dermatologist and have him burn them off with liquid nitrogen. 1-2 treatments gone forever. Skip all this bullshit!! This is the best way it takes about 10 days to heal!


I'm an idiot that fell for this scam. Found the company decided to try it. Never received a product. DO NOT order this product!!! Lucky I have a good bank that it refunding my money and taking care of things for me.

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