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Ok so ever since I had my second son almost 3yrs ago I've been getting bv on and off and the past year has be more frequent. All my obgyn has done is prescribe me pills which I'm sick of doing that every couple of months so I looked at the posts on here and decided to try the Apple cider vinegar and warm water because that's all I had and I had absolutely no money for anything else. I was kind of scared because I didn't want to make it worse, so I mixed the water & Apple cider vinegar in a small bowl and used a syringe and laid on a towel and used it like a douche. To my surprise IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! I'm so glad I tried it!!!!

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How many days did you need to do this?


Did u do this every night, or just once


Okay I have had battling BV for quite some time and I am tired of going to my doc for meds! I decided to try this remedy for its simple and very natural components. I got organic apple cider vinegar and warmed up some water and mixed and used as a douche as recommended. Well my first day doing this within 2 hours I noticed I had clear no smell discharge!!!! I couldn't believe it! Well next day I noticed my discharge was still clear and a slight smell. So I then looked into the best way to use this method which said could take to 1 to 2 weeks doucheing daily til the BV clears up so I douche a week and well still clear and no smell discharged :) I am also cutting a lot of sugar foods out of my diet to try to keep my BV at bay :) thank you for this remedy so much!!!!


Did you do the remedies in equal parts? If not, what are the measurements?

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