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I'm 49, and came to find out I am HSV2 positive by a convoluted route. I had my first outbreak on my penis 2 years ago, and went to the Dr who tested for everything under the sun, all of which came back negative.

This led to a self diagnosis of allergic dermatitis. I then started trying to find out what the allergen was, changing soaps, detergents etc. My main issue is that after the blisters burst I would often get a bacterial infection which made the wound much worse.

I resorted to using tea tree oil on the blisters after they burst, which would dry them out, and prevent the bacterial infection.

Then I had a second outbreak start while still treating an older one, and I put tea tree oil on all of it, and the new outbreak never really developed.

Meanwhile my Dr appointment came around and they retested me, this time coming back as positive for HSV2. So without knowing it I had been successfully treating HSV2 with tea tree oil.

I then researched backwards and found research that found tea tree oil to be both an effective antibacterial AND antiviral agent. Ideal for those dark moist areas where we get our outbreaks! Also it has the benefits of being simple, available, cheap and easily portable.

It comes either neat or in a 'sensitive' 20% solution. The neat is marginally more effective, but also can irritate the skin.

I do not know how I came to have the virus as I have been in a series of monogamous relationships, but then I may have got it 10 years ago, as may my partner before that, or she may just be asymptomatic. My current partner has not yet been tested, but was totally accepting of my having the virus.

While finding I have HSV2 is shocking and worrying, for me there was at least the comfort that I now know what I have and how to treat it.

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I also use T tree oil part of my treatment but prior to putting the T trea oil on I treat the affected area with diluted paroxide


I also use T tree oil as part of my treatment but prior to putting the T tree oil on I treat the affected area with diluted peroxide this kills any bacteria the blister will turn white , allow it to dry and then put the T Tree oil on


I used to get a herpes outbreak every few weeks and was also affecting my sex life. Sometimes my wife would have her period then I would have an outbreak so we would not have sex for 2-3 weeks. So earlier this year I came across a mineral supplement and started taking one a day, it was not specifically for any ailment but claimed to be just what the body needs to get in optimum health. A month after starting I noticed ii was getting outbreaks much less often. So far this year I have had only 3 outbreaks the last one Terri months ago. When I did have the last outbreak I took 2 day and my. were starting to heal within 2 days. This is my experience with taken these minerals, they really are fantastic. You can read more about them at

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