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put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and chug it you'll immediatly belch and you heartburn will be gone.

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i tried this and i threw up..did not work for me


baking soda always works i pour some in a glass put in a little cold water and mix it together kill it and then kill a half a glass to a glass of water in just a minute my heartburn is gone. I dont leave home without it.


when do you stop belching??????


I think this is the trick for me!


Definitely am a long time sufferer of heartburn and have done lots of the meds for them or can eat a whole roll of tums in one sittin n nothing works! This actually did the trick right away! Very nasty taste and weird burp lol but surely did the trick!


is this safe to drink while pregnant? i'm due in about 3 weeks and get severe hertburn at night but i'm not sure whats safe and whats not

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