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I've had a sore spot on the bottom of my foot now for a couple of months. I thought it was a stone bruise until it got so sore I couldn't walk on it. I did some research and found out it was a plantars wart. I came to this site and read a bunch of remedies. I tried duct tape 1stwhich seemed to make it hurt worse. I then read on here someone used clorox bleach so I've been wiping my heel where the wart was with bleach on a cotton ball for 3 days now and I'm happy to say that my wart is going away just after 3 days. Bleach works and u don't have to dig it out. There is no pain using this method! Hope it helps

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Do you have to soak your feet in water? Do you scratch away (I don't know if using right) before putting the bleach on?


Hello! I am going to try this tonight (this will be my first time trying anything on them) I have a big cluster on my big toe, one under the skin under my toe, 2 under the skin on my hell, and one above skin on my heal...its pretty bad and the pain is ridiculous. I wanted to ask, should I soak my foot in water first? should I try sanding it down? and also, will this have any affect on the ones under the skin? if you can answer any of these, please email me at id really love to knock these out. thank you!

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