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I got GH in 1999 when my boyfriend broke up from an abusive relationship. I went out and was seeing this guy that I found attractive weeks later we slept together and he gave me the virus but didn't know he had it. I use Valtrax when I had insurance but now I just go to the clinic and get whatever they prescribe. Today June 1st 2013 I am in my room with a body full of herpes, legs, arms and feet. I just got out of an apsom salt bath, took me some lysine and earlier a took a multivitamin named women's one. Im trying to not be stressed its hard right now. Just to let u all know it can spread all over your body.

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How does it spread all over your body?


Are u ok? I hope u are because it can be a hard thing to have and worse if it spreads.


i found if i feel the symptoms coming on i take high doses of vitamin c 1000mg-1500mg and a good vitamin b complex from the health food store it helps to minimize the outcome or stops it from breaking out ...find if i am under alot of stress or run down symptoms can occur....vitamin b complex and vitamin c 200-500mg (i buy the chewables gets into blood stream faster) you can take everyday.vitamin b's are good for nerves and vitamin c depletes when we are stressed or tired or even if you happen to go out for a drink with friends it also helps with healing.
if your body doesnt need the higher amount vitamin c it does not build up in the body your body will eliminate it (urinate) .
my ex husband gave it to me when i was in my early 20s i am now 50 i find this works for me ...hope this help :)


When you touch herpes, you have to wash your hands or it will spread.


I have had it for almost thirty years and never has it spread anywhere on my body so not to sure about some of the information ppl are posting on here. Just a FYI !!


fish oil and garlic help a ton believe me.


Repost:fish oil and garlic supplements help a ton believe me.


yes it does spread. i just had one spot that broke out and i guess i shaved when i was starting to break out and now it has spread to my thigh just right above my knee. lysine and selenium plus daily vitamins help alot its been almost 4 months since the last time i broke out until now

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