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The first thing to do when you get poison ivy is to get a bottle of Tecnu (I do not work for the company, I promise). Follow the directions closely, and in doing so, you will be giving your body a thorough wash of all of the urushiol, which is the poison that creates the rash on your skin. If you do NOT was with Tecnu, then you run the risk of passing the urushiol from place to place on your body.

The Tecnu doesn't necessarily do much in the way of relieving itching. Medicated powder works best for me, but calamine lotion, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda paste also are somewhat effective at itch relief.

Do NOT use bleach. Bleach basically removes layers from your skin, and while you may remove the rash, you run the risk of allowing the urushiol to get beneath your outermost layer of skin, and in such cases you will need to seek serious medical attention. Lastly, the steroid pack prescribed by doctors are effective at removing poison ivy.

Best of luck, but please, please, please wash with Tecnu as soon as you possibly can after coming in contact with poison ivy.

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Totally agree with this commenter on using Tecnu -- it is absolutely the best to deal with possible poison ivy. Even when I've ended up getting a dot or two or the ivy, I know it would have been my whole arm if I hadn't used the Tecnu. Definitely worth using -- and I don't work for the company either!


What is Tecnu? I have never heard of it.


if you get in pool and let the chlorine dry iy chlorine is a mild bleacg you certainly do not put pure undiluted bleach but asmall amt in water dooes not hurt

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