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Meghan G

This website and all the tips were SOOO helpful to me. I had decided I was going to use a tipped plastic bottle with an epsom salt and warm water solution. I also added Agrisept. AGRISEPT. I added 25 drops to my little 1 cup solution. and now I swear that EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH NEEDS TO KEEP A BOTTLE OF THIS ON-HAND.

Agrisept is made from citrus seeds, it's all natural anit-fungal and anti-viral. You can drink it daily to kill the yeast in your blood stream. You can put it into pink eye and ear infections. Using it for me and my horrible yeast infection just made sense.

I'l warn you, it burned. But the tissue was so irritated I'm sure anything would burn. But I got through it and used a washcloth to squirt the solution on, applied, waited 2 minutes, then applied a cold water washcloth. Repeated. Within 15 minutes all itching was gone and I slept through the night. This morning, no itch! Agrisept and Salt are two powerful natural medicines. Try it! Just google agrisept

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O.k., so I am undergoing scalar wave balancing and just had a huge candida die-off, as I rarely have yeast infections. Worst one yet. I could tell that my symptoms were going back to being better but they were rough! So, I ordered Agrisept and started using it last night. I also diluted it and applied directly. This morning I could tell the tissue was improving and just decided to apply it directly full-strength. No sting ( unless you are already sensitive). So, try it! It seems like it will work for many other things. Worth having it on hand.

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