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Have to say I've tried it all. I've been allergic to poison ivy / oak since a child. I asked The Lord one day about it knowing that He had to have created something that would counteract the reaction. Then I remembered as I was praying...I had poison ivy one time before I had gone to the beach. The saltwater dried that stuff up in no time. I just happened to have some Dead Sea mineral salt scrub at home....went to the shower, scrubbed the affected areas (which I had been suffering with for a few weeks), then took Technu or Zanfel (which I had been using religiously; worked temporarily) and washed after I scrubbed with the sea salt to remove the ivy oils. (please know that it will burn a little to scrub with salt but, this is drying up the rash...better than an itch). The ivy dried up in a few days. PRAISE JESUS!! If you know you have come in contact with the ivy, wash with the Technu or Zanfel (or oil removal product) to avoid the rash but, if you do break out, try the sea salt. My mother had a rash to break out on her legs and I told her to use the sea salt and wash with the oil removal product and sure enough, she said it stopped the itch and was happy to finally find something that helped. I pray this helps you all as I know how you feel. Have a blessed day!

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Praise Jesus! Thank you for sharing I am highly allergic to poison and I garden for an older woman who I think grows high breed posion ivy. Just kidding but shes has a lot of it on her property and I stay with posion ivy all summer. I cant wait to try this. God Bless you as well.


What is Zanfel and Technu?


Zanfel and Technu are over the counter scrubs you can buy (wal-mart). Zanfel is very expensive $35.00 for a small tube. Thank you for the saltwater comment will be trying it!!


The sea salt you use should be a mineral sea salt scrub and not sea salt from the grocery store. Although this would probably work, it is not as coarse as a sea salt scrub would be. I use Dead Sea salt scrub. It really works.


Tecnu and Zanfel are ivy oil removal products. Tecnu works great to remove oils before a breakout if directions are followed properly. Zanfel is a scrub/oil removal product that does relieve the itch but, only temporarily.


Baking soda is great to treat rush. Wet the affected areas with water and rub in baking soda, let it dry. There is another folk remedy that you can make at home :) Yarrow oil (made with yarrow plant leaves and olive oil:put it in a jar with a lid and put the jar in a pot with water . Boil the water and let it simmer at least 1 hour: when cold, strain yarrow leaves from oil and it i ready to use for all kind of skin inflammation. It works better than any lotion or sun screen - you simply use it instead of sunscreen lotion or oil and your skin will never burn, you will get perfect dark ten instead :)

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