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Reading through most of these remedies I realized that I have NONE of the things listed other than Celestial Bedtime tea, Honey, Salt, English Breakfast Tea, and the fact I need my cough gone sooner rather than wait. I start my new job today and coming in hacking up on people would NOT be a good impression to make. SO I decided to try something new.

My Celestial Bedtime tea was calling my name, seeing as it's soothing, minty, and delicious. So I tossed in my Kuereg and added 2 teaspoons of honey. (I like it sweet and I refuse to put sugar in. I don't want to worsen my cough.)

Gargling salt water (warm, cold, and hot) didn't do too much but trigger my gag reflex, and it wasn't going down to where it really needed to, so along with my honey Chamomile tea I added salt. Since it dissolved in the hot deliciousness, I didn't have any taste of it, but it was still there. My tea is DELICIOUS even with all the salt. Especially cause it's going down where it needs to, and then the honey coats it over and the warmth soothes the itch. It's a win win win!

SO! In Short...

-Hot tea (Chamomile or Regular)
-1 tablespoon of salt
-2 tablespoons of honey (more or less, but the two seems to have did the trick)

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Swallowing a tablespoon full of salt is definitely not advisable for anyone - likely to make you sick -but especially for people with high blood pressure, this could be very dangerous.

Stick to gargling with it!


A tablespoon of salt (which I questioned, but did it anyway, as I would drink lighter fluid at this point if it would kill this cough) and you barely tasted it? There must be some taste bud problems there. Three spoonsful of that, and....I gargled with it.

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