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cold sore cure you will not get them as long as you use this suplement to your diet. Take L-Lysene in 1000 mill. capsules once a week. If you are having an out break at the first sign of tingling sinsation in the lips take 3 1000 mill capusels once aday and chances are the sore will not develope. It does not take very much of this product to keep the problem under controll. The L-Lysene mutates the herpes virus and because of the mutation the virus cannot repoduce itself and cause and outbreak. I use to get these horribly and sence I found this fix I no longer get them and have not had any problem with it as long as I manage to take 1 capsule a week. Try it it works and it is not exspensive.

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I also heard about this remedy and it REALLY does work! When I feel a cold sore coming on, I just up my dosage and it usually goes away without even being noticed!

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