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YI's are sooo frustrating and I know when were in that much discomfort we are willing to do just about anything to make it go away but even with that being said I still wasnt quite ready to put fresh or raw or loose garlic in my vagina lol just yet!! sooo I improvised with the dietary version (odorless garlic soft-gel pills) they are really cheap and you get a whole bottle they are very small and with all the heat and moisture from the inflamation they disolve very quickly and easily without a ton of drainage for those of us who work and cant take a day off to deal with this crap :) it said take 1-- 4 times a day orally so i inserted 4 this morning just to see and within 30 min i have no itching or discomfort i will probably do it again before bed ALSO I read somewhere online to take garlic, acidophilus pills, and echinacia pills and tried taking them the way the girl said orally and ended up with horrible gas and nausea yesterday on top of being itchy and this morning it was worse because ate sugar last night not knowing that sugar feeds the yeast and makes it worse!! so this am iv been researching like crazy to come up with something that will get rid of this and iv been reading alot that the acidophilus pills can be inserted too!!! so that is next and i will rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar when i take a shower here soon i just wanted to share because i wasnt crazy about the yogurt and garlic options and i dont have a douche and have never used a douche before so i wanted to try this first good luck ladies!! i will repost tomorrow if it works just so you guys can learn from my success or mistake lol :)

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Meghan G

I Had to pick the top comment so that it would be seen. This website and all the tips were SOOO helpful to me. I had decided I was going to use a tipped plastic bottle with an epsom salt and warm water solution. I also added Agrisept. AGRISEPT. I added 25 drops to my little 1 cup solution. and now I swear that EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH NEEDS TO KEEP A BOTTLE OF THIS ON-HAND.

Agrisept is made from citrus seeds, it's all natural anit-fungal and anti-viral. You can drink it daily to kill the yeast in your blood stream. You can put it into pink eye and ear infections. Using it for me and my horrible yeast infection just made sense.

I'l warn you, it burned. But the tissue was so irritated I'm sure anything would burn. But I got through it and used a washcloth to squirt the solution on, applied, waited 2 minutes, then applied a cold water washcloth. Repeated. Within 15 minutes all itching was gone and I slept through the night. This morning, no itch! Agrisept and Salt are two powerful natural medicines. Try it! Just google agrisept


the baking soda in the tub did not help me and I don't want to go to extremes and I have alot of pain like just to walk and its getting worse. and I read about the odorless garlic gel pills and I was wondering what store you think I could get them at???? Cuz I can't find it when I type it into google- like what store I can get it at and I wouldn't be able to wait that long if I get it over the Internet. plz help!!!

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