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My 1 year old lab has been battling a minor, localized case of mange for months. It started with a quarter-sized bald spot on his back ankle and some scaliness around one of his eyes. After a trip to the vet, we did 8 weeks of a lime-sulfur dip applied once weekly, which was torture for him and for us. His condition improved significantly, but, several weeks later, we noticed some fur loss on the tips of his ears. Wanting to avoid another trip to the vet and another 8 week stint of a rotten egg-smelling dog, I researched some home remedies. I alternated between applying a borax and hydrogen peroxide solution to his trouble spots one day to kill the mites and applying olive oil to those spots the next day to combat any drying effects and smother the mites. After about a week of alternating between the borax solution and olive oil, he has gone from losing 20 or so little clumps of fur each time I would coat his ears to fur regrowth! This regimen has worked wonders- his ears are back to their original velvety/adorable state! I plan to continue this regimen for at least another week.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax Solution (I used a sponge to apply the solution to his trouble spots):
-1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide
-2 parts water
-as much Borax as will dissolve leaving a small amount of grit at the bottom of the container

Olive Oil Treatment (I simply rubbed the olive between my hands and coated his trouble spots)
-1 tablespoon of olive oil

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My 9month old lab/husky/shepherd mix has been suffering for months now. The vet put him on an antibiotic a month ago. After finishing the entire bottle, he went a full week symptom free. Then it came back with a bang! His stomach looks terrible! My boyfriend and I are very broke and can't afford another trip to the vet. I've been researching for days. I found that somebody said to use the flower of sulphur powder to clear up any skin conditions- so I ordered a jar before finding this site. Upon finding this forum I am going to try the Borax solution starting tonight. My poor fur baby is so sad and in pain. I surely hope one of these remedies will help ease his pain and cure his problems.


I posted yesterday about my lab/husky/ shepherd puppy. After using this treatment only 1 time around 5am on Wednesday, my sweet baby looks so much better almost 24 hours later! His stomach was completely covered. It's already starting to clear up and he looks so much better. He seems to be on less pain and itching less. I am completely thrilled! This treatment really does work!

Annie R

I have been treating our collie dogs mange with this remedy for 4 days now & so far it has worked brilliantly. Within 1/2 hour of applying the remedy he had stopped chewing at his tail which was bleeding from the constant chewing .His tail looks soooo much better now, & the scaliness has all gone & he is looking happy again.I will keep on using the treatment for a few more days just to be sure. Thanks a million for sharing this remedy.

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