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I've suffered with BV for as long as I could remember. As I was reading the comments from others, I decided to try and douche with %50 water and %50 peroxide. Then I inserted 1 500mg vitamin C capsule. I SWEAR in about 2 hours, that awful odor was GONE as was the creamy-like discharge. It was completely clear! This is by far the best regimen that I've tried (I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING!!) We'll see what happens in a few days but its definitely a quick fix if nothing else. Good luck to you all!!

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I used mostly hydrogen peroxide and some water and WOW, this works like a charm. I could even hear it bubbling like with a cut. I used a turkey baster and the bathtub. The odor is gone, the discharge is gone. It did 3 squirts in a 12 hour period.

I seem to be good to go and am thrilled! (didn't even use the vitamin c!)

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