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well i do not have a home remedy however i just purchased and received a cream online that is guarranteed to work or your money back. it is an antibiotic cream called somxl that i bought online. just did my first treatment today so cant say if it works yet. burned for a quick second and then seemed to releave the itching so i'm crossing my fingers this stuff works. ( somxl) check it out if your home remedies dont work. will let yall know if my cream works.

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Can you tell if it's working yet? I've also seen this product and I would like to know if it works before shelling out for it.


This product has not worked for me! I think it even made them bigger! I am trying garlic, garlic oil capsules (pop and apply), ACV, and tea tree oil with vit E. We'll see if the natural remedy helps more.


where can i buy somxl cream here in the philippines? Is it available in the supermarket? pls reply tnx


it took 2-1/2 months for somxl to fully work.i applied it twice a day (accelerator cream too).website claims itll clear'em in 1 week.took me 3 worked.I have the before and after pics as proof.hpv in my anal area is my next big issue needs ridden of.

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