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I submitted the last post on my success with Lugol's Solution for the treatment of my squamous cell carcinoma on the front of my shoulder. Once again i have had success removing a scc on my leg and forearm. This time i used a 7% iodine solution which i needed a prescription for from my Dr, and had it filled at my favourite compounding chemist. They post around Australia. I used the same regime as before in my last post. If anyone is interested and needs information contact me via this site and i will email you.

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kiran malik pakistan

hi i read ur article.i need ur favour.thats wy i want to inform mother has valvur cancer on vagina left labia.this is SCC and near focal foci.please tell me home ramedy i m so worried;she has also heart weak.dr suggested the chemo and radio theropy.but they cant untill heart stable.vulvur colour is white and gray.
plz u send me ur e.mail on this ID.


Hello there I have just begun the iodine treatment. Could you tell me how to find a compound chemist so I can purchase some more iodine. Thank you. Kind regards Donnalee


Hi jenny can you please email me the protocol?
Thanks so much


Hi. Currently needing help... could you please email me your regimen Thank you, thank you! God bless!


Hi Jenny

Can you advise , I have a BCC skin cancer that is effecting my total right ear from the top of the ear to bottom ear-lob,plus behind the ear, as well as going very deep down into and along the crease line behind the ear.
Being the ear-lug its impossible to use Vitamin C powder cover with bandages.
I have tried most alternative methods i.e. Cansema Black Salve Deep Tissue which draws the cancer growths out but they soon regrow. Iv tried 7\% Iodine, plus Colloidal silver with DMSO. Garlic. you name it I have tried it.
Is it just going to take a long time ? roughly how long?????

Appreciate any suggestions.



BEC5 which uses devils apple has had many excellent results drawing out cancer... not sure if the protocol would suit or not? Another option maybe.


Looking for some support in my journey with a lesion on my lower leg. Started using frankincense at first tans it irritated the skin ultimately. Now the area (1/2 in diameter) is red and with a big scab. Been doing iodine for about 2wks. Started with a solution that was 7\\% but with alcohol. Then bought Lugols after reading that that is what most people use. Just wondering if I’m on the track!!

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