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I read these posts about anal skin tags and tried this home remedy myself. I can understand why people want to get rid of these things - they look really unsightly and there's no reason why we shouldn't all be getting our fair share of bum fun in the bedroom...not with one of these though!

Anyway - I wanted to suggest that people use the rubber band method first. I used dental floss and thread and I don't think it's the best method - I tied it on tight like it says here, but it actually ended up cutting right into the flesh which smarts quite a bit! I think because it had actually wounded the skin tag (rather than just cutting off the blood supply) it ended up really swelling up underneath the tag (although this may happen with the rubber band method too). It's also probably less likely to leave a scar if you use the rubber band method, as it won't cut into the flesh so much.

Also on the NHS website they have a few options for how to get rid of hemmeroids and one of the methods is to use rubber banding (I'm sure different rubber bands from the day-to-day ones, but the same idea). I think the thread/dental floss is too thin and just acts like a cheese wire cutting into the flesh: Ouch! About five days in it had really cut into the flesh and was properly painful: I actually considered going to my GP but couldn't bear the idea of her judging me (or looking at my rear end!).

Along with using a rubber band I would really suggest taking long baths (rather than showers) while you use this method, as it really reduces pain and swelling. It was a couple of long baths that enabled me to get rid of mine, as without them it was too painful to keep tightening the thread, but afterwards it felt a lot more comfortable.

Tips Recap:

1)Try the rubber banding method first
2)Long hot baths instead of showers to reduce swelling and ease pain.

(in addition to all of the other aspects of the method: keeping things steralised etc....see other peoples' posts for details!)

Also, if the skin tags don't cause you too many problems (aesthetically or physically) then I wouldn't try this. It is painful and takes a lot of effort, patience and time!

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