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I promised myself if I ever got rid of my plantar's warts I would post my journey here, since this site has given me so many options to try.

I got a plantar's wart from a college roommate over 6 years ago. Ignored it (big mistake) and it got bigger. I tried ACV treatment and it caused my 1 wart to turn into 10 warts. Below are the things I tried, and they were sometimes all going on at once, so I'm not sure which one did the trick. The biggest lesson I learned is to stick with something for at least 6 weeks! I would try something for a week, not see a difference and give up. Fixing this issue takes time!

Doctor's Freezing: I know this isn't a home remedy, but may be required if your warts are severe. What I learned from freezing is that it never signaled my body to kill the warts, rather it killed enough layers of skin that the warts were lifted off my foot and the blister skin fell off, revealing brand new skin beneath. It was painful, but my skin was so thick on the bottom of my foot that all the creams and remedies I was applying was not getting close at all to the root of the wart.

Vitamins: I needed to boost my immune system, so I started taking vitamins twice a day. The vitamin mixture I took included a daily vitamin, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C, green tea extract, 2500 B12 and DIM. I had read about DIM on many blogs as it helps combat the virus that causes warts. I would recommend taking this in moderation as it did have an effect on my menstrual cycle when I took it in high doses. I would recommend googling DIM to see studies on its effectiveness on warts.

Exercise: It goes without saying, but I started exercising a lot more and eating really healthy. Regardless of if it helped my plantar warts, it made me feel great and more positive in general. This had to have helped!

Veregen: This is another non-home remedy, but it is a cream with high quantities of green tea. It is RX-only, and my doctor insisted she had never heard of it. I printed out the drug description for my doctor, and the pharmacy had to special order it. It was $50 with my insurance, but it didn't cause all the awful side effects that Aldara did. $50 to me was worth getting rid of them and Aldara made me feel like I had the flu!

Oregano: I bought tablets on and took them with my vitamins. I also pierced the pill with a pin and rubbed it on my warts.

Salicylic Patches: My friend recommended these. I think these were the final nail in the coffin for the worst wart on my heel. Search salicylic patches on and get the Curad Mediplast box.

Squalene: I most recently put this on my wart and saw a difference. Not sure if this caused the change, but this is a facial serum I use for anti aging. I put it on the wart hoping it would soften the callused skin around it! Search TriLane on for Dr. Lark's Anti Aging Moisturizer in fragrance-free. Worst case is you can use it on your face!

Latex Gloves: I wish I had learned this earlier, but DO NOT pick at the wart without latex gloves on. I discovered one spread to the cuticle of my fingernail and it's been a pain to get rid of.

Good luck and don't give up! Prayer and positive thoughts really do help. I wish you the best of luck, because I know how frustrating and absolutely awful this ailment can be for our well being and self confidence!

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