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I used apple cidar vinegar to treat two genital warts. After about a week it turned black, scabbed up and fell off. Now I have a crater/ant hill looking wound that may or may not be a chemical burn? I actually have two of them on my shaft about the size of bee-bee. They are a little raised and hollowed out in the center. The center Looks like it has a white-ish sticky film on top of what may be a scab? Also, it's surrounded by a light pinkish tone circle that makes up the crater. For about 3 days now I've been bathing two to three times a day and keeping it covered in Neosporin. I put fresh aloe plant on it a couple times too. It's not really getting worse, maybe a little better or at least not as bright? If it is improving though, it's VERY slow! Any ideas would be very much appreciated?

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let nature handles

If you use aloe plant, make sure only the inner gel is used not the yellow color substance called emodin as it will make you itch. Give your body some time to work, don't stress out because it being slow...stress will only decline your immunity.

I read somewhere that research has shown 1 gram of bee propolis taken three times a day (so that's 3 grams a day) for 3 months cleared out genital and anal warts in 75% of the people volunteered in the test. I have both herpes and warts and after 2nd month on bee propolis my herpes stopped as well as the warts are gone. Maybe you should give it a try....oh yes 2 cups of green tea a day help to clear warts too


Thank you so much for the advice, I'll definitely look into that! I've read a lot about those two items as well. I've been drinking a lot of green tea but I haven't had to bee pollen yet so I'll definitely pick some up.

Also, thanks for the advice on not stressing out and giving it time to heal. Little things like that can be so encouraging… As you've probably learned by now. I'm sorry you've had to endur this type of a traumatic event as well but I'm excited to hear that you've managed to Put everything into remission.

Before I wrote my initial post on top, I wrote another one. It will be the one just benieth this one on the main forum. For you or anyone else who is interested in hearing about how things are progressing, please feel free to check it out. I plan on keeping it updated.

Thanks again for your advice and best of luck to you.

let natures handle

It's bee PROPOLIS not Pollen though there's no harm for you to add pollen into your regiments. Green tea not more than 2 cups a day. Your skin needs to breath in order to heal and constant application of Neosporin could stop it from breathing. If you drink alcohol you may need to totally abstain from it for the time being, at least for 3 months - not even a sip. It wrecks your immune system.


Whoever wrote that comment above... Please keep the spam elsewhere. There's folks in here really struggling with the very tramatic experience of acquiring a STD. The last thing they need if more false hope and delayed results.

If your miracle cure worked, everyone would pick it up at the drugstore rather than a website.

Sell what you like but please pitch it elsewhere.


was the bee propellis the pills or cream that you put on your genital warts???? how often did you do that? how much? and how long? when did u take it off and how did u apply it? thank you so much!


I have not yet tried that the stuff but when you have a moment, please check out my other post. It's just below this one under my other name... Clark.

I explain things in a lot more detail and it will probably be very helpful for you to check out.

let nature handle

I'm taking bee propolis in both form liquid (tincture) and softgels.

The softgel contains 500mg of fresh propolis extract. The bottle says take 2 a day but I'm taking at least 2 softgels 3 times a day. I would also poke the softgel and the propolis will ooze out. I apply this to the warts. The warts will shrink and disappear slowly. Please do not expect immediate result.

Faster way to get rid of warts:
1 drop of Liquid propolis or the whole coneltent from the softgel you poke mix with Vitamin C powder (you can crush the tablet Vitamin C if you don't have powder but you must crush it finely..if your vitamin C is in softgel just poke it with a needle). Make it like a paste then dab it on the warts. Cover with bandaid. I do this before going to bed and remove it the next day, I.e. about 8 hours. The warts will shrink and scab. 2-3 days they are gone. Repeat procedures if necessary.

If the warts fall off and leave a sore STOP the procedure!! Clean the area and let it heal by applying 1 drop of liquid propolis. Wear loose clothes and boxers.

I'm a guy so the bandaid thingie may not be suitable for female

All the best


Just wanted to tell everyone about the cream I found that I have been using for about a week and have seen some serious improvement it's called Africa's secret some of the ingredients are neem oil ( which if you google has been found to help remove warts) it also has bee pollen and bee propolis. You can find this cream at the whole foods store for about $14 it may not work for everyone but its pretty cheap and worth a shot.

anxiously waiting!

Thanks for the info....I dont want a crater either...but the ACV took care of the itching...and the warts are BRIGHT WHITE...AND APPEAR TO BE DEAD...I hope they turn black like everyone says they do.....( on here)! And if they fall off....Wow...I will be thrilled!

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