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OMG I have never experienced such excruciating tooth ache pain in my life until two days ago.

I like to think that I have a good pain threshold but by-jaysus this would bring tears to your eyes.
The culprit is one of my back teeth so you end up with pain down the side of your face too.

Here's the science bit:

Took Solpadeine........didn't work !
Took Disprin Extra Mega Strength......didn't work !
Put Clove Oil onto a cotton bud and dabbed the dodgy tooth......didn't work, but worked a treat on numbing my mouth so I felt like I'd just come back from the dentist (I wish lol)

Anyways, after reading some of the very interesting posts here I decided to try Warm Salt Water, I swished it around and let it settle into the dodgy tooth, did this a few times,and..........IT WORKED ;-) way hay.
Then did the same with the mouthwash......IT WORKED TOO :-) the mouthwash was Listerine in case your wondering but I'm sure other mouthwashes will work too.

I then took Paracetamol and by Jaysus again the relief was euphoric. I hadn't slept in two days and to think something so simple that you would have in your house eased the pain is amazing.

I am now going to bed to sleep at last although we have a 13 week old boy lol.

Anyways, I hope you find this useful and it can give some of, if not all of you pain relief from your teeth or tooth :-)

Wishing yiz all the very best.

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Thanks for the advice this worked perfectly I feel great my toothache was so bad that I was crying.Now I'm about to go eat.Thanks again very much


My pain right now is the same exact way. It's one of my back teeth and it hurts my ear and all down the left side of my face. So thank you! I'll keep doing the warm salt water!


On the verge of crying with tooth ache , back one infected, got anti biotics bbut not kicked in yet.gargled salt worked now sleep time x thank u x


awake with tooth ache all nite just after rinsing tooth with salted water and then used listerine it has worked pain went straight away thanks for ur tip


This really worked! I've been up all night, and haven't slept since the pain began two nights ago. I used warm water, then listerene and it worked a few minutes later! Thank you for your tip! Now I can stop crying and get some sleep :)


Thank you, after applying some mouthwash, the pain has gone away, meaning I can happily continue with my English homework :)


O.M.G. Thank you sooo much. My back tooth is broken and the pain is constantly radiating down my jaw line - I can't even open my mouth to eat properly!
Feels so much better now I could cry!


I just tried the mouth was after 4 nurefen in 3 hours that did nothing. The mouth wash WORKED. Thank God. Now I can get some sleep.


Oh my god it works, I've had a tooth ache for 3 days and I finally looked on like and found this and can't believe it works


Thank u it works gud

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