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Last night my tooth was hurting so freaking bad..I mean I couldn't even talk. I tried salt.. garlic.. milk...refused to do peanut butter. some worked ..a little...but I found one to be the best. I swashed crown royal around in my mouth for like a minute and spit it out...tooth ache gone!!! 100% it will work. ... um so relaxed now...

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LOL! I agree with you. I swished some vodka around my mouth and that works quicker than anything that I've tried. I've tried the vanilla extract. It worked the 1st time, but it's more like baby oragel. It just numbs the pain temporarily. (Well for my pain anyway).
The vodka is temporary as well but does not wear off as quickly as the vanilla extract. I gargle with vodka, then take 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I am hoping to go to this particular dentist soon though. I don't want to use pain killers on the regular.

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