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Not Merely a Statistic

I was just recently diagnosed with my 'initial OB' of HSV2, accompanied by a UTI (urinary tract infection). I have always been one to be careful with a new partner, and get tested for EVERYTHING at my yearly physicals and gyn. exams (spaced about 6 months apart), so I was quite shocked. After reading on this site I began thinking, trying to recall if there was any clue as to where I could have been exposed.

Last year I had a variety of the common symptoms, but were all validly attributed to other conditions, including: fever and swollen lymph nodes from MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) which were cultured and found NOT to be herpetic, itchy and painful yeast infection from the antibiotics prescribed, pain in legs from fibromyalgia, lymphodema (swelling and fluid retention in legs and feet), razor bumps from shaving, etc.

This OB felt like someone had rubbed ground glass or fiberglass into my vulva or cut my genitals with razor blades! Urinating was near impossible until I remembered a trick I learned from childbirth: a perineal bottle filled with 8 ounces of warm water and 1/4 ounce of chlorine bleach like pool water, squirted directly at the urinary opening while peeing! Then I took a clean baby wipe, and rinsed out the alcohol, poured on a little of the bleach water and wiped the area clean. The tiny amount of bleach neutralizes the acidic pH of the urine. Patting the area dry was unbearable, so I put an ultra-thin maxi pad on, after air-drying for a few minutes. This also helped me with the discharge. I asked my doctor if it was a good idea to use Viscous Lidocaine (which I had on hand at home from dry socket from oral surgery)--this was immensely helpful! I poured 1/4 ounce of this solution into a medicine dosing cup, and appied it with clean cotton swabs, never re-using the swab after it had come in contact with the affected area. This numbed the lesions so that I was able to stand up, move and function, and the effects lasted for about an hour. With the UTI, this was just enough relief until the next time I had to go. Baking soda or Epsom salts in the warm bath are recommended, as well, as they are less damaging than chlorinated water, I was told. One other thing that offered some relief was a vinyl or latex glove partially filled with water and placed in the freezer until it was slushy (semi-frozen). This ice-pack was awkward, but provided the cold I needed to numb the area sufficiently to be able to sleep.

My doctor says identifying my source of exposure might not be possible, as this virus can remain dormant for even 10 years without presenting any symptoms. (The newer IgG serology blood tests are more effective at detecting the virus and distinguishing between HSV1 and HSV2). My fiance has been through the gamut of emotions with me, from devastated to supportive to guilty to accusative, as neither of us knows who had it first and infected the other. Although he hasn't been officially diagnosed, with me he has had 'friction burns' and other irritations from enthusiastic oral sex, but we think there may have been transmission through cold sores at some point.

Knowing that about 9 out of 10 people are dealing with this in silence due to the shameful stigma that has evolved, this site is a breath of fresh air, and I'm grateful for the support and the suggestions offered here. (I hate the idea of being a statistic!) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes mental well-being, good diet and hygiene habits, suppplements and medications when necessary, and most of all your spiritual health. Find supportive people, boost your immune system, exercise, keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself!

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thank you i have been feeling depressed in agony and unclean and dirty after being diagnosed you have made me feel so much better and made me remember i havent had many partners and this can happen to anyone i wish ther was a cure i dread another outbreak i hope you stay well


I'm a 30 yr old mom of 3.
I have been divorced 4 yrs now I started seeing this guy a yr after my divorce .
I have been with him 3 yrs now after the first year I started have female issues .
I knew somthing was wrong because I never even had so much as a uti before.
A few times I noticed on his penis these red bumps that would flake.
I finally broke down and asked him.
About 1 and 1/2 yrs it took him to tell me he always thought he had gh.
I was so angry I didn't know what to do.
He swore it was from his past relationship and didn't cheat on me.
So needless to say we are still going strong.
However I'm starting to get actual sores now before just bump.
It's affecting our relationship sexually and emotionally .
I feel as tho I don't want him to touch me and I'm mad that he did this to me .
Anyone else feel like this ?
I still wonder if he was faithful:(
I'm starting to hate sex
Please help

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