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My front tooth has a cavity in it a big one that is eating into the pulp of my tooth. I am getting it fixed in a cpl weeks but for now I deal with my horrific pain with...
-crush up pain relievers standard otc and wipe it all over the gum that is above or below your tooth. (Works very fast)
-vodka (or any hard liquor) w a washcloth and hold it on the painful area...( be careful I think I got A little drunk the other day.
- finally go into the bathroom or someplace quiet I'm in here right now hurting lol. Just keep your head down and for some reason it gets a lot better. Trust me on these. I have had tooth problems for years and I finally am getting it fixed. But I feel all your ppls pain I know what its like to be helpless.... always keep some otc pain relievers in your pocket!

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Me and vodka are very familiar with this shorts thing but it works thanks

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